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Top 5 Milwaukee Bucks Stories of the Week: Frank Kaminsky the star as draft madness begins

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1. It's far too early to predict exactly what the Bucks might do on June 25, but past history and common sense would suggest that talent will always trump short-term need. (Milwaukee Mag/Eric Nehm)

Drafting "to fill needs" is so incredibly stupid. First round picks should not be used to fill a hole on the roster. Teams essentially control their first round picks for seven years. How likely is it that a team's glaring weakness in 2015 is a glaring weakness in 2020? Or even in 2017 for that matter?

First round picks should be used to draft talented players who have an opportunity to make an impact in the next five years for a championship-caliber team. These players don't need to be superstars, but they should be able to make an impact in a seven-man playoff rotation.

2. Frank Kaminsky won't be the top pick in the 2015 draft, but college basketball's best player was still the star of Thursday's media session the NBA's annual draft combine. And while he expects to be drafted somewhere between the fifth and 12th picks, the former Wisconsin star hasn't ruled out the possibly of extending his stay in the state of Wisconsin. (Journal-Sentinel/Matt Velazquez)

Though he wasn't active on the court, Kaminsky has been busy. On Thursday he met with numerous teams, including the New York Knicks, Indiana Pacers, Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons.

He will meet with the Milwaukee Bucks, who own pick No. 17, on Friday.

"It would be cool (to play for the Bucks)," he said. "You never know, you never know where you'll end up. There could obviously be trades, things like that. We'll see what happens on draft night."

3. While the Bucks' front office will lead the team's draft process, Jason Kidd will not surprisingly have a major role once free agency begins in July. (Fox Sports/Andrew Gruman)

"I'll just start listening to (general manager John) Hammond and those guys about the draft," Kidd said. "I'll just listen to see what happens. Then we'll talk about free agency and guys we want to try to go after.

"I have no idea who does what (in the draft). They will fill me in. That's their field. That's where they will make the decision. My job is to circle names for free agents that we feel can make this team better."

4. With six weeks to go before draft night, there's not surprisingly plenty of disagreement about where players will end up on draft night -- and some of the most volatile names are of particular interest to the Bucks. (ESPN Insider/Chad Ford)

There seem to be major disagreements among front-office execs on several names. That could lead to some draft instability for Myles Turner (some as high as 5, others in the late teens); Frank Kaminsky (a couple of teams in the 8-10 range, several in the low 20s); Kevon Looney (one team as high as 5, another team in the 30s); Kelly Oubre (two teams in the top 10, several in the 20s); Devin Booker (two teams in the top 10, several in the high teens and early 20s); and R.J. Hunter (two teams in the late lottery, two teams in the second round). When ranges are this variant, guys can fall or rise quickly depending on workouts. While the draft board is pretty set at the top, the middle of the draft is still very much contested.

5. Some great work by BPF putting together a full first round mock draft (with the Bucks nabbing Devin Booker at #17). Check it out here and post your own mock in the FanPosts!