Updated Bucks Draft Prospect List


We'll have much more on potential Bucks draft targets this coming week, but until then here's a consolidated listing of who could be in play for the Bucks at #17. Included are each prospect's ranking in the DraftExpress and ESPN Top 100 rankings, as well as Kevin Pelton's 5-year WARP projection and Layne Vashro's Expected Win Peak average projection. Note that the "interview" column refers to whether or not the player had a confirmed interview with the Bucks at the Chicago draft combine.

The names included were my semi-arbitrary assessment of guys the Bucks might consider at #17 -- plus Rakeem Christmas, whom the Bucks were confirmed to have interviewed in Chicago. I included a number of guys who would seem like major stretches at #17 (Terry Rozier, Rashad Vaughn, Cliff Alexander) simply because they were rated reasonably highly by either DX or Ford at the time I was putting together the table. Let me know if you'd like me to add anyone to the table, which I keep updated as a Google Doc right here.