BPF's 2015 NBA Mock Draft + Extra Bucks Analysis

I've created a mock draft for the 2015 NBA Draft coming up next month. Since I'm posting here at BrewHoop, I added some extra analysis for the Bucks' pick, and also added a 2nd round choice for them.


1. Karl Towns, Forward/Center, Kentucky

Karl Towns is the best player in the draft. He proved last season that he's a better two-way player than Jahlil Okafor, and that he has the full package to succeed in the NBA. This just happens to be a perfect positional fit for the Wolves' roster, as they have young stars at Point Guard and Small Forward, and money invested in Nikola Pekovic at Center. Towns slides perfectly in at the 4 and has the size ot play the 5 when needed.

2.Emmanuel Mudiay, Guard, China

Mudiay has elite size (6'5") for a point guard and excellent athleticism as well. He's not Russell Westbrook, but Jrue Holiday isn't a bad comparison as far as body/athleticism is concerned, except he might be a little quicker. If Mudiay can get his jumpshot to a point where he's a consistent midrange threat and 35+% from deep as well as keep his turnovers down in the NBA, then he's probably the best player from this draft. None of that is guaranteed, however.

3. D'Angelo Russell, Guard, Ohio State

I'm buying these rumors of the 76ers targeting Russell. Not only is he a dynamic player who deserves to be ranked int he Top 5, but he's a better fit for their roster than Okafor or Mudiay. They're stacked with young bigs, but could use a point guard that can help them develop and get easy points rear the rim. Russell can do that in the pick and roll and use his shooting to space the floor.

4. Jahlil Okafor, Center, Duke

The Lakers end Okafor's fall and pick the massive center. While questions linger about his defensive ability, Okafor's offense makes up for it in the Lakers' eyes. He can be a solid post presence from Day One and he'll try to add a jumpshot and consistent free throw to his offensive arsenal.

5. Mario Hezonjia, Guard/Forward, Croatia

Winslow is another option here, but Hezonjia might have a higher ceiling. The Magic add the dynamic, all-around scorer they need on the wing, which fits well with Payton and Oladipo, who are good players but won't carry a scoring load. Hezonjia's size/athleticism combo plus the skill level that he already shows (38% from 3) could make him a 20+ per night scorer.

6. Willie Trill Cauley-Stein, Center, Kentucky

The Kings pass up on Winslow, the superior prospect, for "Trill", the better fit for their roster. He's the dynamic defensive player who the Kings want paired with Cousins, even if he's not going to contribute to the scoring load very much.

7. Justise Winslow, Forward, Duke


The 76ers make a big move to go up and get Winslow. They have a plethora of picks in the 2nd round to help make the move. Winslow was a top 10 lock even before his great NCAA tournament run. Winslow's body is ideal for a small forward and he's an excellent run-jump athlete as well. He showed versatility on both ends of the floor and can make himself fit with any team in any offensive or defensive scheme.

8. Kelly Oubre, Forward, Kansas

Most people would mock Stanley Johnson to the Pistons in this scenario, but the Pistons pull off a surprise and take Oubre. His freshman season was up-and-down, but his physical tools are tremendous (6'7" with a 7'2" wingspan) and the Pistons think they can work with them.

9. Stanley Johnson, Forward, Arizona

The Hornets could reach for a true Off Guard here, but in wiser thoughts they take Johnson. Once considered a Top 5 pick, Johnson has seen his stock drop despite a stellar freshman season that showed his Two-way ability and consistent 3-point shot. Many have compared Johnson to a young Ron Artest.

10. Kristaps Portzingas, Forward, Latvia


The Nuggets get the HEAT's pick in this 3-team trade. There are rumors that Denver is targeting Portzingas, so to trade back and still get him would be a nice move by them. Portzingas will look to continute to hone his inside-outside game and be an impact player from the power forward position.

11. Kevon Looney, Forward, UCLA

The Pacers frontcourt is old, and not that strong anyways. They'd love to add an Off Guard, but Looney provides better value here than Devin Booker. Looney isn't an explosive athlete, but he's smooth and has good length for a 4-man, and showed offensive versatility while at UCLA.

12. Frank Kaminsky, Forward/Center, Wisconsin

The Jazz could try to move this pick for immediate help, but if they can't find the right partner they should just take the best player available. Kaminsky could grade out to be that guy here, and regardless this pick almost makes too much sense to not do it. A dynamic offensive player with deep shooting range but questionable defensive potential, Kaminsky is a dream fit with Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert.

13. Bobby Portis, Foward/Center, Arkansas

Portis has the physical tools and collegiate production to intrigue scouts. Portis is a nice fit for the Suns, who could use a 3rd true big in addition to Len and Brandan Wright.

14. Sam Dekker, Forward, Wisconsin

Devin Booker is an option, but he probably won't bring anything to the table that Waiters, Morrow, and Lamb don't already. Dekker is far more talented than Roberson or Josh Heustis. Dekker is versatile on both sides of the floor and has shown reason for scouts to be confident in his 3-point shot.

15. Myles Turner, Center, Texas

The Hawks would like to take a forward with Millsap and Carroll hitting free agency, but Turner is the best player on the board and they also could use more size on the roster. Turner could hit 7' with shoes by the combine, and he also has a well-built body and a long wingspan (7'4" at USA Basketball camp).

16. Justin Anderson, Guard/Forward, Virginia

The Celtics probably want a big rim protector here, but unluckily for them, Myles Turner went one pick ahead. Anderson could be their small forward of the future. He's not super young or super athletic, but he has an all-around game and an ideal body for the NBA.

17. Devin Booker, Guard, Kentucky

Booker is a nice fit for the Bucks. With Carter-Williams and Giannis at the 1 and 3 spots, the Bucks desperately need to always have an Off Guard who can flat out shoot the rock. This, Booker can do. Booker hit 41% of his 3-pointers in his freshman season, and that number was even higher until a shooting slump late in the season.

The issue with Booker is right now, he doesn't have much that translates to the next level besides his shooting. Booker's 6'6" wingspan is nothing special, he's not much of a distributor, and he didn't get to the rim very often in college. Defensively, he was solid at Kentucky, but his average length and blocks/steals stats say he won't be an impact player there.

Despite all of this, we're talking about the youngest player in the draft. If he can be the knockdown shooter we expect him to be and the rest of his offensive game comes around, while being at least average on defense, he could be a Brad Beal-type player.

18.Jerian Grant, Guard, Notre Dame

Patrick Beverly is a free agent, but even if he comes back point guard is still a need for the Rockets. Grant could be an upgrade at the position, or at least provides depth meaning no more minutes for Pablo Prigioni and other guys who should NOT be playing in a playoff game (*cough* Jason Terry). Grant in a lot of ways is ready to contribute right out of the gate.

19. Cameron Payne, Guard, Murray State

Payne can play on or off the ball, and has enough length to pair up with either Beal or Wall on the court at a time. Trey Lyles should also be in heavy consideration here.

20. Trey Lyles, Forward, Raptors

Lyles is the best player on the board here. The freshman has some questions defensively and also appears to be a tweener offensively (while also not having a calling card) but overall, he's too young and talented to stay on the board for much longer.

21. Cliff Alexander, Forward/Center, Kansas

The Mavs window for a title is closed, and Tyson Chandler could leave in free agency. Alexander's freshman season wasn't what was expected. But neither was Oubre's, or Selden's, and even Wiggins' was up-and-down (notice a trend?). His combo of size and athleticism is too tempting for the Mavs to ignore.

22. Delon Wright, Guard, Utah

Derrick Rose can't really be counted on anymore to stay healthy. Even when he is healthy, they need someone other than Aaron Brooks to steal 20 solid minutes a game from him so he can stay healthy. Wright is that guy.

23. Christian Wood, Forward/Center, UNLV


Among their current frontcourt, the Celtics have nobody to challenge and block shots at the rim. Enter Wood, who blocked 2.6 shots per game last season. Wood has nice measureables and a solid all-around game that make him interesting. I wouldn't be shocked if he goes in the Top 20.

24.Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Forward, Arizona

The Cavs need depth everywhere. RHJ can be a nice defensive presence off the bench. He can guard at least 3 positions. On the offensive side, he won't reach his ceiling unless his jumpshot greatly improves. Until then he can use his athleticism in transition and as a cutter.

25. Chris McCullough, Forward, Syracuse

The Grizzlies look towards the future a bit with McCoullough, a young guy with a lot of upside, but also a lot to correct. He measured in at 6'9" with shoes and a 7'3" wingspan at USA Basketball.

26. Montrezl Harrell, Forward/Center, Louisville

Harrell probably has limited upside at this point, but he's still excellent value here. He's short for an NBA big but has a 7'3" wingspan and is as strong as a bull. Harrell's collegiate production as a scorer and rebounder in a major conference cannot be ignored.

27.George Lucas, Guard, Brazil

6'6" lead guards are rare, and when they come at over 200 pounds with a 7' wingspan it's hard to not be wow'ed. Lucas is also yet to turn 19. Interesting pick here for the Lakers.

28.Jordan Mickey, Forward, LSU


This feels a bit early for him, but if I told you that you could get an All-Conference defensive player who also averaged 15 points and 10 boards a game and is only 20 years old, would you want him? I hope you would.

29. R.J. Hunter, Guard, Georgia State

The Nets could use some help on the wing. Hunter probably needs to develop some before he can help the Nets, but they'll hope he's ready to go right out of the gate.

30. Michael Qualls, Guard, Arkansas

Qualls is a nice fit here. The Warriors play as fast as any team in the NBA and Qualls is a beast in transition. His overall game has improved each of his 3 collegiate seasons, which is nice to see. He might not receive minutes as a rookie, but by his 2nd season he should be a solid backup to Klay Thompson and also play some minutes at the 3.


46.Mouhammadou Jaiteh, Center, France

Without many roster spaces available, Jaiteh will stay overseas and continue to work on his game. In 2013 at the Nike Hoop Summit, Jaiteh measured in at 6'11" 249 with a 7'4" wingspan. Yeah, he's a big, big man. It's been said that he has good feet for defending the P&R game and running the floor, but isn't explosive vertically. Don't count on seeing Jaiteh on the floor next year, but down the road he could be valuable as a center.


3-team trade
HEAT receive: Robert Covington, , Jerami Grant, #35 pick (PHI)
76ers receive: #7 pick (DEN)
Nuggets receive: #10 pick (MIA), #37 pick (PHI), 2017 1st rounder (Lottery protected)


Celtics receive: #23 pick, 2016 2nd round pick
Blazers receive: #28 pick, #33 pick

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