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Brew Hoop Community Draft Board - Pick #12 (We Skipped!)

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Two players completely dominated the last round of voting, so by request we've skipped over pick #11 and given it to the runner-up for #10. That means the next two players on our board are big men: Wisconsin senior Frank Kaminsky and the freshman center from Texas, Myles Turner.

Kaminsky, the reigning College Player of the Year, brings an advanced offensive skill set and a wealth of experience to the NBA. As a senior and key player for a Wisconsin team that went to back-to-back Final Fours, Kaminsky should be well prepared to contribute right away for whichever team drafts him. He's arguably the best shooter among forwards and centers in this draft class, and he's also a strong passer. He thrived as the focal point of Wisconsin's deliberate, half-court-focused offensive system, a good sign for his prospects as a half-court weapon in the NBA.

Concerns about Kaminsky center primarily on his less-than-stellar measurements and athletic metrics, as well as questions about his defensive viability in the pros. He's got a below-average wingspan for his position, limiting his ability to check quick perimeter players or athletic big men. He improved as a rebounder over his college career but still isn't great on the glass on either end. And perhaps most importantly, his age would seem to limit his upside--he was incredibly productive as a senior, but getting even a bit less production from a younger player might be more attractive for a rebuilding team looking for true star potential.

Turner, meanwhile, looks like the prototypical upside big man pick. He's got great size for his position, standing just under 7 feet with a 7'4" wingspan and 9'4" standing reach. Not a tremendous athlete, Turner is very strong and still has room to improve. He's quite skilled for his age, utilizing a smooth jumper as his primary offensive weapon. To that end, Turner has a lot of potential as a stretch big man, though his long-distance shooting at Texas was inconsistent at best (27.4 3P%). Given time to refine his shot, he could be a very difficult cover thanks to his size and versatility in getting clean looks at the basket.

Turner is a capable shot-blocker but did struggle with foul trouble in college, and has significant difficulty guarding the pick and roll. There are concerns about Turner's mobility due to an unusual running motion and (seriously) his enormous feet. But drafting for defensive upside from a young big man is something NBA teams have been all too happy to oblige over the years, and Turner's strong metrics should alleviate many concerns.

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