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Pair of UNLV teammates highlight Bucks final draft workout

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The Bucks held their final draft workout in advance of Thursday's NBA Draft at the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin Training Center on Monday. This final workout had a little bit of everything with wing options, intriguing big men, and local talent.

UNLV's Rashad Vaughn is a 6'6" guard who has been slowly rising up a lot of team's draft boards as the drat process approaches its end. As a freshman he averaged 17.8 points in 23 games before suffering a season-ending knee injury. That average ranked second in the Mountain West and was third-best in the nation amongst freshman.

So, what can he bring to a team? "I can bring shooting, scoring. I think I can bring anything the team needs me to do, [even] on the defensive end. I think I can bring anything that needs to be brought," Vaughn told reporters. He also mentioned that he has totally recovered from said knee injury and is back at 100 percent.

Right now Vaughn is projected to go 26th (according to the latest DraftExpress mock draft), though it would not be surprising to hear his name get called earlier.

The same goes for Vaughn's UNLV teammate Christian Wood, a mobile and skilled 6'10" forward who is projected anywhere from the late 20's to the mid-50's. Wood recorded 18 double-doubles last season (good for 8th in the country) and finished 10th on the team's all-time blocks list in just two years with 119 in 63 games.

Even with some impressive tools, it's still anyone's guess as to where Wood will end up. But he isn't really trying to pay attention to any of that.

"I don't pay attention to any of that. I just listen to what my agent tells me, what GMs tell me. A lot of GMs told me they don't look at any mock drafts, which is kind of a good thing because I thought they do.


Right now, every GM I've talked to hasn't said anything bad about me, so I think I'm good."

If Vaughn and Wood aren't in the Bucks plans, then perhaps two other participants in today's draft workout may be in the cards.

North Carolina Junior and Menominee Falls native J.P. Tokoto was also on hand today. Tokoto is a Wisconsin native and would obviously relish the chance to play with the team he watched growing up. The biggest question with Tokoto is his shooting, but a 6-for-6 shooting performance at the Draft Combine and continued work on his jumper has gained him a little bit closer attention.

Tokoto was one of four players in the ACC who ranked in the top 10 in both assists and steals, and was the only one who wasn't a point guard. He's also a good perimeter defender and a good athlete, so if he puts it all together he may be good value in the middle of the second round.

Speaking of good value, Mouhammadou Jaiteh worked out today, but did not speak with the media. At just 20 years old, it's unclear if the 6'11" center from France would come over to the NBA right away, but his 7'4" wingspan paired with a good frame and improving skills might be worth using a pick on, even if he doesn't come over right away. John Hammond told the media that stashing an international prospect might be possible at pick 46 or higher, so maybe Jaiteh is that guy.

The draft is just three days away and all the possible options remain on the table. Could one of these guys be putting on a Bucks hat on Thursday?