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Brew Hoop staff mock draft

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are at the end of June, which means that it's the NBA's Draft Season. It's a fun and exciting time, but it's also a messy, chaotic, and nerve-wracking time. With each passing day, we hear more and more rumors fly around and we continue to visit our favorite mock draft sites hoping that our guy lands with our team.

Everyone at this stage of the draft process considers themselves at least somewhat knowledgeable about the prospects in their team's range, and some even go as far to pretend like they know what they're talking about.

Well, we at Brew Hoop...


...are no different. Our staff came together on Monday night and put together a video mock draft for you. We each had control of a few teams and went about our business of drafting without trades, as I so unenthusiastically will explain in the beginning of the video.

We thought a video would be a more entertaining way of producing a mock draft, but we did not realize that it would take so long. We apologize for taking up 98 minutes of your time. If you'd rather just see a text version, check below the video.

If you feel like critiquing/praising/laughing at our picks and reasoning, fire away in the comment section of this post. We're interested in seeing what opinions you have of how we did. Enjoy!

Brew Hoop Staff Mock Draft

1 MIN | Mitchell | Karl-Anthony Towns
2 LAL | JJ | Jahlil Okafor
3 PHI | Steve | DeAngelo Russell
4 NYK | Dan | Emmanuel Mudiay
5 ORL | Aron | Justise Winslow
6 SAC | Eric N | Willie Cauley-Stein
7 DEN | Corey | Mario Hezonja
8 DET | Eric B | Kristaps Porzingis
9 CHA | Frank | Myles Turner
10 MIA | Mitchell | Stanley Johnson
11 IND | Corey | Frank Kaminsky
12 UTA |  Aron | Bobby Portis
13 PHO | Dan | Sam Dekker
14 OKC | Steve | Cameron Payne
15 ATL | Frank | Kelly Oubre
16 BOS | Eric N | Trey Lyles
17 MIL | Eric B | Kevon Looney
18 HOU | JJ | Devin Booker
19 WAS | Mitchell | Tyus Jones
20 TOR | Corey | Rondae Hollis-Jefferson
21 DAL | Aron | Jerian Grant
22 CHI | Dan | R.J. Hunter
23 POR | Steve | Delon Wright
24 CLE | Frank | Justin Anderson
25 MEM | Eric N | Montrezl Harrell
26 SAS | Eric B | Bill Hernangomez
27 LAL | JJ | Chris McCullough
28 BOS | Eric N | Rashad Vaughn
29 BKN | JJ | Terry Rozier
30 GSW | Frank | Christian Wood