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2015 NBA Draft: Brew Hoop's final draft board is complete!

We even included an extra pick for good measure!

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Today, one day before the 2015 NBA Draft, we unveil the final draft board compiled by Brew Hoop's intrepid readers. From pick #1 to pick #17 (plus a bonus!), we've debated countless prospects and cast thousands of votes. The result is a board that no single person probably agrees with 100%, but one that reflects the unique preferences of our community of Bucks fans. Here's the final board:

Brew Hoop Draft Board 2015

1. Karl-Anthony Towns - PF/C, Kentucky, Freshman - DraftExpress Profile
2. Jahlil Okafor - C, Duke, Freshman - DraftExpress Profile
3. D'Angelo Russell - G, Ohio State, Freshman - DraftExpress Profile
4. Emmanuel Mudiay - PG, International - DraftExpress Profile
5. Justise Winslow - SF, Duke, Freshman - DraftExpress Profile
6. Mario Hezonja - G/F, International - DraftExpress Profile
7. Willie Cauley-Stein - C, Kentucky, Junior - DraftExpress Profile
8. Kristaps Porzingis - PF, International - DraftExpress Profile
9. Stanley Johnson - SF, Arizona, Freshman - DraftExpress Profile
10. Frank Kaminsky - PF/C, Wisconsin, Senior - DraftExpress Profile
11. Myles Turner - C, Texas, Freshman - DraftExpress Profile
12. Kelly Oubre - SF, Kansas, Freshman - DraftExpress Profile
13. Devin Booker - SG, Kentucky, Freshman - DraftExpress Profile
14. Cameron Payne - PG, Murray State, Sophomore - DraftExpress Profile
15. Sam Dekker - F, Wisconsin, Junior - DraftExpress Profile
16. Bobby Portis - PF, Arkansas, Sophomore - DraftExpress Profile
17. Trey Lyles - PF, Kentucky, Freshman - DraftExpress Profile
18. Kevon Looney - PF, UCLA, Freshman - DraftExpress Profile

The final two spots went to Trey Lyles and Kevon Looney, a pair of freshman power forwards who claimed 61% of the votes in our final poll between the two of them. Lyles narrowly outpaced Looney, giving him the edge on our board.

These players found themselves in very different situations as freshmen, which makes a direct comparison a bit difficult, but both showed flashes of high-end potential that eclipsed modest production on the court. Lyles was obviously forced to fit in with a stable of talented teammates at Kentucky, often playing way out of position at small forward, while Looney was more of a featured player at UCLA. Examining their pace-adjusted statistics, Looney comes out as the more productive rebounder, while Lyles has a slight edge in scoring efficiency. Looney did display an intriguing three-point shooting ability as a freshman, hitting over 41% of his long-range jumpers (albeit on just 53 attempts). Lyles operated more in the post on offense but shot the ball well from the free throw line, offering hope he too can function as a floor-spacer in the pros.

Defensively, Lyles is tough to profile given how often he played on the perimeter, something that isn't likely to happen as much in the NBA. He has good size and length, but his defensive metrics are a bit concerning, with low block and steal rates. Looney looks like a better defender, with good defensive stance and quickness that would fit nicely in the help and recover defenses so popular these days. Both players have a long way to go right now, but Lyles does have the edge in size and strength for his position at the moment.

So there you have it! Now everybody print it off and put it on a small piece of paper to keep with you on draft day. Then you can cross each guy off the list as he's selected, and you'll know exactly who the Bucks are going to pick when their spot comes up! You can be confident in the selection because I emailed the list to John Hammond with a subject line of "IMPORTANT DARFT STUF PLZ DONT DELETE!!!1!"