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Bucks unveil refreshed court design featuring new primary logo, blue wrap and familiar nod to Mecca

With the Milwaukee Bucks' new logos and new uniforms revealed in the past two months, just one major piece of their visual branding was in need of an update: their court.

Zach Lowe has some great background on the process behind the redesign at Grantland, with lots of color from Bucks VP of Marketing Dustin Godsey on what the team considered en route to the final design. And while everyone's entitled to their opinion, I'd say the Bucks more or less got it right with the finished product. The new font looks good, the blue wrap is interesting (if not somewhat debatable), and I was relieved to see the Mecca-style M's retained over the newly-stylized "M" symbol.

Still, part of me would still like to see the secondary Wisconsin state logo used at center court in lieu of the angry deer -- maybe in the future?

The Bucks came very close to shifting the deer-head logo out of prime center-court real estate and replacing it with the team's new alternate logo — a solid green map of Wisconsin:

The team ultimately decided it was too soon to demote the deer head — the team's primary logo. "Down the road, I wouldn't be shocked if the state logo ended up at center court," Godsey says.

By the way: The Bucks are well aware a Wisconsin high school teamborrowed" aspects of the Bucks' new deer logo for its own center-court design. The team hasn't taken any legal action, and it may leave the issue to the NBA, which owns the intellectual property. The Bucks are drumming up taxpayer support for a new arena, and they understand how it might look for the big, bad NBA to crush a local school in court. "There's something positive about it being a school all the way on the opposite end of the state," Godsey says.