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The Bucks nailed their draft night moves, or maybe they didn't, or maybe we have no idea yet

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[Note: This post is not meant to be taken completely seriously. This isn't real praise or criticism, but rather putting every thought that may be swirling through anyone's mind all in one place. If I bottled them up, I fear I would go (more) insane].

The Bucks had a really good draft night.

I'm serious. They added two players that will definitely help the team, especially in the #operationgetbuckets department. This team desperately some shooting assistance, and they grabbed two guys who should have no issue helping the offense improve. That's a win.

Rashad Vaughn can flat out put the ball in the hoop, and he's only 18. Imagine how potent he could be off the bench once he matures into his NBA game. Remember how important O.J. Mayo and Jared Dudley's shooting was to the Bucks down the stretch? This guy could be a far better scorer than both of them. He was the highest scoring SG/SF in this draft class, and he was just 18. Vaughn was also a five-star recruit heading into college. He was recruited by UNLV, Iowa State, and a fewer lesser schools like Kentucky, North Carolina, and Kansas. They all liked his potential to be a real lethal scorer, and now the Bucks will get to mold that into whatever they want him to be.

Greivis Vasquez is a good backup point guard or spot starter. The price is what it is, but it's only for one year if it all heads south. But it won't, because Greivis is good. Milwaukee is going to love his intensity and ability to also knock down an open shot. He shot 45 percent on spot-up jumpers and posted a really solid AST/TO ratio of 2.5/1. He's going to be a guy that get Khris Middleton, Giannis, and Jabari going and knock down the open three if they kick it back out.

Everywhere Vasquez has gone he's been able to inject life into a team's second unit. Also, he's going to offer a little bit more veteran pinache to a group that could use a little bit more. Plenty of the Bucks players are young, and Vasquez could be another Dudley. He's only 28, too. It's not like he's 600 years old.

Also, I'm not that worried about losing that first-round pick. When it would have conveyed, the Bucks should be good enough where that pick is mid to high 20's. it really that valuable? I have my doubts about that. They'll be fine. They didn't lose any young players here. Relax.


The Bucks had a bad draft night.

I'm serious. Really, Bucks? You had to do weird stuff, didn't you? Why couldn't we just pick Bobby Portis and keep a decent asset and not have to feel these weird feelings?

Rashad Vaughn may be good, but he's so friggin young and he's already had a knee injury. That worries me. I'm also worried about what else he can do on a basketball court other than shoot. Can he play any defense? I thought that's the type of players the Bucks liked? I don't know, this seems like a reach at 17.

And really, is he going to be a great player? He's not a statistical darling by any means, and he really only excels in scoring. On the surface, it seems like such a "fit" pick over the best player available. That doesn't seem consistent. I am the sads.

Miss you already, Bobby Portis.

Oh, and Greivis? That's a lot of money for a one-year rental for backup point guard, right? Did the Bucks even need a backup point guard, with Jerryd Bayless and Tyler Ennis in the fold? I get that Vasquez bring that veteran leadership and solidifies the backup spot a bit more, but was this move really that necessary? Also, why are we giving away first round picks for this return? That seems like a quick trigger use of a decent asset. Maybe they could have done more with it if they had been more patient.


Maybe I know nothing. Maybe it's okay to have an incomplete opinion until more moves come along. Chances are the Bucks aren't set heading into next year and will make a move or two to adjust the roster closer to that goal. Or maybe they won't and we'll just have to wait and see what this all looks like on the court. I'm sure there is some sort of plan in mind.

But I don't know. I'm tired and hungry and need to sleep.