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Brew Hoop Community Draft Board - Pick #7

Regina Hoffman/EB via Getty Images

Winning the round by a single vote, the #6 pick on Brew Hoop's 2015 draft board goes to Mario Hezonja, the 20 year old Croatian wing who played for FC Barcelona in the Euroleague and Spain's ACB. Hezonja hasn't quite been a featured player thus far in his career, but carving out even a supporting role on one of Europe's top teams (#3 according to at a young age is quite the accomplishment.

Clearly one of the top European prospects in this class, Hezonja looks a bit like a European version of Andrew Wiggins in terms of size, athleticism, and skill set. At 6'8", he has tremendous size for the shooting guard position, and he's a fantastic athlete. He's also a solid shooter, hitting nearly 40% of his three-point shots on a pretty hefty number of attempts. As little more than a bench scorer for the veteran Barcelona squad, most of Hezonja's offense came from spot-up attempts, but he can also attack off the dribble and run the floor in transition for above-the-rim finishes.

However, Hezonja has major question marks on the defensive end, where his intensity was often lacking and focus seemed to come and go. He has the physical attributes to be a solid perimeter defender and could possibly hold up against smaller forwards, but right now that half of his game is far behind his offense. He's also faced criticism for his attitude, though playing with much older adults in a professional setting is surely a difficult environment for anyone his age, not just American imports.

Dropped on the Bucks, Hezonja would give Milwaukee yet another giant positional mismatch, provided his shooter held up enough to play alongside guys like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker. As is the case with many of the long, athletic wing players we've discussed leading up to this draft, he's somewhat redundant with the rest of the roster's core, but his raw talent and upside are perhaps as tantalizing as any other player in the class.

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