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Preview: Bucks aim for win against Cavs before tournament play begins

The Bucks' Summer League has been a little bit rough in their first two games, but they will get a chance to nab a win before tournament play when they meet up with the 0-2 Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday.

Cleveland has yet to break 80 in either of their first two games and, well...having their regular squad in the Finals doesn't exactly yield an attractive Summer League squad. Former Buck Summer Leaguer John Shurna and UW-Green Bay alum Keifer Sykes will suit up for Cleveland. Other than that, there isn't a whole lot to feel threatened by.

That being said, the Bucks haven't been lighting it up either. Sean Kilpatrick and Rashad Vaughn have been the Bucks most consistent offensive threats, while Kevin Jones and Damien Inglis have shown flashes here and there.

Not that any of this matters, really. This is mostly just a trial for a lot of guys. That being said, getting a win heading into tournament play would feel better than not getting a win.

What to watch for

-- How much will Damien Inglis play? The process of returning from a foot injury has left Inglis looking much different than the healthy prospect the Bucks liked when they drafted him. So, is playing him tomorrow 10 or 15 minutes worth more than letting him rest up for an extra day, especially on a back to back? We'll find out soon enough?

-- Will Mckenzie Moore play? I may be on this hill alone, but I'm intrigued by his tools, and maybe if Inglis doesn't play he'll get a shot. Again, we'll see?

-- Sean Sweeney's wardrobe. It's the most beautiful mix of professional and casual I've seen on any coach in Vegas. Keep an eye on it.