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Bucks fall short of Summer Knicks, drop finale 83-76

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's over.

The Bucks dropped their final game in Vegas to the Kristaps-less Knicks 83-76. Though Milwaukee got 55 points from Rashad Vaughn/Sean Kilpatrick/Kevin Jones and a 5p/12r/4b line from Micheal Eric, it wasn't enough to overcome a more talented Knicks squad who got 17 points from Thanasis Antetokounmpo and 15 from Ricky Ledo.

Though the Knicks weren't particularly hot from the floor (46 FG/23.5 3PT), the Bucks weren't any better (37/25). In addition to the low shooting percentages, the Bucks just generated 13 assists on their 26 buckets. All in all, the Bucks finish their time in Vegas with a 1-5 record. Could it have been at least 2-6? Sure,'s get to wound up these types of things, okay? Anyways, let's move on past the story of the game and get on to some overall reactions.

-- Rashad Vaughn certainly had his share of ups and downs, but form a raw numbers standpoint, he did a pretty decent job of doing what he does best: scoring. Sure, it came on a high number of shots, but Vaughn showed the ability to score in a number of ways: off the bounce at the perimeter and the basket, as well as in catch-and-shoot situations. After a slow start, he knocked down several threes and doesn't appear to have any difficulty getting hit shot off. Vaughn will look a lot better when he doesn't have to be the go-to guy--and getting out of those habits will take some time--, but it's good to see the flashes off what the team saw in him. There's a lot of work to do going forward and there's no pressure for him to produce soon, but I'd say it's better to feel more encouraged than skeptical.

-- Sean Kilpatrick, man. That dude can get buckets. He can't really do much else, but he can get buckets. Kilpatrick won't make the final roster unless a noticeable roster shakeup happens, but he'll go easily go down as one of my favorite Bucks summer leaguers. Maybe it will continue further than I imagine, but we'll always have this stretch of buckets.

-- Kevin Jones is interesting. He did some really nice things and some really bad things, all in the vacuum of the hard-to-project Summer League. Still, Jones fits the Bucks bill a little bit. He can shoot from outside a little bit while mucking it up on the inside with his big frame and decent length. If there was anyone I'd strongly consider for a regular season roster spot, it's this guy. But we'll see.

-- It's hard to judge Damien Inglis when you consider that he was basically a shell of himself out in Vegas. He did some nice things defensively and made a couple of shots, but ultimately didn't make much of an impact. If he's healthy, he could be a nice defensive plug type of guy that can maybe knock down a few threes when needed, but getting healthy will be priority number one. It always has been. We'll pick things back up when that gets taken care of.

Did I miss anyone you'd like to talk about? Feel free to discuss in the comments.