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Ranking the Roster 2015: Who are the most valuable players in Milwaukee?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

We spent a long time last summer compiling a list of the Milwaukee Bucksmost valuable "trade assets." The term was used mostly for lack of a better one, and because at the time the Bucks were still expected to...well, to suck. It was all about the long game, and that meant figuring out what everybody was "worth" for the future of the organization.

As it turned out, the Bucks didn't suck last year, and that really seemed to change everything. To their credit, the Bucks didn't double-down on unexpected success the way they did in the post-Fear-the-Deer summer, instead keeping the same priorities we've all been focused on: develop a young core of good players, augment it where possible, keep an eye on the future. A big free-agency signing might draw out bad memories of Drew Gooden and John Salmons, but we've talked extensively about Monroe's fit with the organization, both on the roster and in their future-first approach.

All this means that what once seemed years down the road suddenly looks a lot bigger on the horizon. But how does the change our valuation of disparate parts of the roster? Does O.J. Mayo, dead last on our list last season, jump up in the ranks because of his ability to help a better-than-expected team win right now? Do backups become expendable in favor of cementing a star-laden rotation?

That's what you'll have to decide. Because it's time to do it all over again. So with that, voting for our 2015 edition of Ranking the Roster begins!

Remember, we're counting down the most valuable players (or assets, sometimes) as they go. So to start, pick the option you think is least valuable. I've left out the obviously unlikely choices for these first couple polls and for simplicity's sake, I've ignored the non-guaranteed contracts of Jorge Gutierrez and Marcus Landry, both of whom are unlikely to stick on the roster beyond training camp.