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Giannis Antetokounmpo shows off three point range vs. Bosnia, Jabari Parker rehab update,

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After piling up points inside the arc in Greece's first four games -- 42 points in just 57 minutes -- Giannis Antetokounmpo did on Saturday what Bucks fans hope he'll be able to do more regularly this fall.

Despite missing all three of his two-point attempts, Giannis buried three of six three-pointers in Greece's 83-44 annihilation of Bosnia, providing some substance to all the "he worked on his three-point shot!" talk we've heard this summer. The result was a less efficient line (3/9 overall, 10 pts, 2 rebs, 2 blk, 2 stl in 16 minutes) but hints of the burgeoning perimeter game that he'll need to really take his game to the next level.

Of course it wasn't all new stuff from Giannis against the Bosnians -- his highlight-worthy shot-blocking already is already pretty familiar to us:

Greece has a couple more exhibition games next weekend before the EuroBasket (aka the European Championships) tips off September 5.

Jabari Parker latest...
Courtesy of Bucks strength and conditioning coach Suki Hobson, here's another peek at Jabari Parker's ACL rehab:

As for playing basketball, Parker did get in some run this past week -- albeit against some kids at his Jabari Parker Family Basketball Camp at Grafton High. The Bucks' Snapchat account featured video of a handful of pickup dunks, though I've only seen the one below posted anywhere outside of the app (as someone over the age of 30, I'm amazed I was able to watch it myself...).

NBA: 2015 Summer Forecast, East standings
The Bucks check in as the East's #7 team in ESPN's summer forecast. DISCUSS.

Milwaukee Business Journal: Abele fast-tracks Park East land sale to Bucks, awaits action by comptroller
The Bucks have yet to acquire the Park East property to be used for their new arena, but it's likely to happen soon.

The owners of the Milwaukee Bucks would use some of the Park East land as a temporary staging ground for construction of the new downtown arena. Over time, all of the land would be developed into an estimated $400 million development of office, retail, housing and a parking structure.

Abele supports the Park East sale, and is waiting for an action from comptroller Scott Manske, said Raisa Koltun, Abele's chief of staff.

"It’s in the comptroller’s hands," Koltun said. "He hasn’t identified any issues to us."

Under the law, sign-off from Abele and Manske is all that is needed for the sale to move ahead. The law states that two of the three must sign a document saying the sale is in the "best interests of the county," not that all three must actively weigh in for or against.

Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Common Council is holding public hearings on the arena deal before it plans to vote on the city's $47 million funding package on September 22. That bit could certainly get more contentious.

Woelfel: Landry realizes "dream" with Bucks
It's unlikely Marcus Landry makes the Bucks' final roster, but don't tell the Milwaukee native it's impossible. Via Gery Woelfel:

"It’s not impossible to make their team,’’ said Landry, whose strengths are his versatility and 3-point shooting. "Guys get traded, teams make moves.

"I just have to hold up my end of the deal. I’m what they like to call a gym rat and I’m going to try to be in their gym as much as I can though training camp.

"I’m excited for this opportunity, very excited.’’

At first blush, Landry would seem to be competing mostly with Chris Copeland -- they're the Bucks' two most recent signings, they're positionally comparable, and they've faced similarly circuitous routes through the world of basketball. Considering where he was three years ago and how much he struggled last season, Copeland's NBA pedigree can't be considered too far ahead of Landry's either. But Copeland also has a $1.15 million guaranteed contract and two terrifically efficient seasons on his NBA resume -- one of them with Jason Kidd as his teammate. So the deck would seem to be stacked in Copeland's favor, especially given that Landry only has four weeks to make his case.

Of course, maybe Copeland isn't the only guy with something to lose come October. Johnny O'Bryant has guaranteed dollars and youth on his side, but is coming off one of the worst rookie seasons in recent memory. And while I'd never expect the Bucks to waive Jerryd Bayless or give away Tyler Ennis, something will eventually have to give with the Bucks' overpopulated backcourt. So maybe nothing is likely to happen...but something always can.