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Ranking the Milwaukee Bucks' 2015 Roster: Grieve for Vasquez and shame Rashad

The General gets the boot, followed immediately by the Bucks' most recent first-round pick.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hooooo baby this one came down to the wire. My arbitrarily-designated end point for the poll may be the only thing that saved us from a drawn-out battle for victory. In the end, two players dominated this round, and one barely edged out the other, giving us a convenient excuse to drop them both into position in our roster rankings. So your 8th and 7th-most valuable Milwaukee Bucks players this season are Greivis Vasquez and Rashad Vaughn.

Thankfully, there's not much to complain about here. Vasquez I'd contend was unequivocally the least valuable player left in our poll last time, though I don't intend to call him worthless. Vasquez should be a solid rotational guard, especially if he can keep his three-point accuracy up around 38% where it's been the last two seasons. But relative to his long-term value and the lack of contractual team control, he's on the bottom rung here.

That long-term value question, which presumably gave first-round pick Rashad Vaughn the edge, is tougher to answer in Vaughn's case. We've got nothing to go on in terms of expected performance, relying entirely on so-so draft projections and the knowledge that Vaughn is, at the very least, extremely young. But the value of first-round picks in an exploding salary-cap environment is overlooked at a team's own peril. I have no qualms with keeping him over everybody else who preceded him in our polling. What's even more clear is that our community had zero intention of ditching one of Milwaukee's primary rotation players before Vaughn. Like a promising young intern, Vaughn fell victim to the "last in, first out" practice.

But now. Now things are going to get interesting.

Milwaukee Bucks 2015 Roster Rankings

15. Johnny O'Bryant
14. Tyler Ennis
13. Damien Inglis
12. Miles Plumlee
11. Chris Copeland
10. Jerryd Bayless
9. O.J. Mayo
8. Greivis Vasquez
7. Rashad Vaughn


Cast your vote for the next guy off Bucks Island below. Remember -- production, potential and salary all matter, though you can weigh them however much or little you like. Here's the Bucks' updated cap situation as a refresher: