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John Hammond: There's a new day in Milwaukee Bucks basketball

Bucks GM John Hammond addressed reporters this morning in St. Francis.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Bucks general manager John Hammond spoke with the media this morning during his team's 2015 media day. Here are some highlights:

Who are you targeting in the East?

I think we're still more in the mode of not being concerned of others. Probably the most important for us is to worry about us and how much we can improve this season.

On adding Rod Thorn:

It's great for the organization. He's done everything in this league, so he's just an invaluable person to help us in many ways to help us become a championship caliber team.

On training in Madison:

Last year a couple of guys mentioned doing something different in training camp next year. A couple of destinations were discussed, but me and Jason were talking and brought up training camp again. It fit, it's a home away from home for us. It's going to be a great spot to go for camp.

How has Jabari handled the rehab?

He's been great through the rehab process. We saw who Jabari is and what he's about. The workouts have been tremendous. I couldn't be more proud of where he's at and I know he's excited about the upcoming season.

On what people thought of the signing of Greg Monroe:

There's a new day in Milwaukee Bucks basketball here. It changed the landscape of who we are, so to have something like this happen, it's kind of what we expected. It was a great opportunity for us and we hope it can last.

What's it like not having to worry about the arena?

It's a great opportunity for us and also the business side. There's a sense of direction of where we're going. We have an opportunity to build on last year and where we're going. We want to do this the right way, we have to be careful with the process. These things don't happen overnight. We'll grow and learn from the pains.