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Jason Kidd: We're still a new team learning how to win in this league

Jason Kidd is entering his second season as Bucks head coach.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Bucks head coach Jason Kidd spoke with reporters this morning at his team's media day in St. Francis. Here are some highlights:

Is there a team to beat in the East?

For us it's learning about the good and bad. We're still a new team learning how to win in this league, and it starts today at media day and tomorrow on the floor to get better. It's not just one team we're targeting, we're focusing on ourselves.

How do you handle success?

For us there will be high expectations because of making the playoffs. We have to learn how to handle high expectations. We did well handling no expectations. We're going to go through our growing pains, because when you become a team consistently in this league, expectations get higher.

On adding Rod Thorn:

John mentioned he's done everything in the NBA. He's done it all, but he's done it well. I had the pleasure of playing with him in New Jersey and he knows what it takes to win. We're lucky to have him on board.

On training in Madison:

We don't just want to be Milwaukee, we want to be Wisconsin.

On losing veterans this offseason:

I think when you look at our younger players, they have to step up. We thought this would be the best time for those young guys to learn how to speak up.

On expectations:

That's just winning, it comes with winning. We have to embrace it and not run from it and enjoy the experience and moment. There's going to be ups and downs.

On Jabari's rehab:

Mentally and physically he's changed his body. I give credit to our medical staff on their plan and he's followed it.

On his team's youth:

I think you can see their maturity last year being able to handle winning in the first portion of the season. They didn't break, they understand who we are. We're not one or two guys. Maturity wise we have young guys in age, but they're wise. They'll make mistakes on the floor but it's for them to make plays on the other end.

On Greg Monroe:

Greg wanted to be a part of something like this.

On the culture change:

I think we'll see more Milwaukee Bucks [gear] on Sunday. There's a lot of positive things going on and I think everybody is excited.

On the impact of Greg Monroe:

It's always nice to be closer, the NBA likes those shots. We're working on trying to get the ball inside and playing our game. Eventually guys will shoot the three. Greg gives us more space. He can also pass the ball and has a great basketball IQ.