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Big Block of Cheese: Meeting the Owners In Milwaukee

All across Bucks Nation, fans are looking at the team's performance and figuring out how to feel about it, with results as varied as the letters in Giannis' surname. This is your chance to submit a solution to the team's problems. What do the Bucks need to do?


1543 North 2nd Street, 6th Floor

Monday, January 11th

Scene opens on WES EDENS and MARC LASRY sitting in an empty conference room. A snowy downtown area is visible through the window behind them. WES is wearing a older-styled suit, with some wrinkles on the cuffs and one frayed lapel. MARC is wearing a stained green T-shirt with "24-1" emblazoned on the front; it appears to not have been washed in some time.

ML: "We should probably start calling people in."

The conference room door opens, and JOHN HAMMOND enters, brow furrowed and glaring into a tablet. NBA TRADE MACHINE is showing on the screen. HAMMOND looks up and is surprised to see that the room is occupied.

JH: "Oh! I'm so sorry, I can use a different room..."

WE: "No, John, this is perfect timing. Do you mind joining us?"

JH: (nervously) "Oh...sure. I mean, I know my contract isn't up for a little while..."

WE: "No, John, it's nothing like that. We're having do you call it, Marc?"

ML: "Big block of cheese day."

WE: "Right, a big block of cheese day."

HAMMOND blinks once with a vacant expression. WES and MARC look back, expectantly. This stare-down continues for an uncomfortable amount of time, until WES speaks:

WE: "A big block of cheese day, John. Like on 'The West Wing'?"

JH: "Right. One of those."

ML: (sighs) "Basically, John, we want to engage the fans directly. They've had a lot to say about the team recently, and it's only fair to give them a chance to pitch a solution to us directly."

WE: "So we've invited anyone who thinks they know what the Bucks need to do next to come here and say so."

A ringing starts in the background. WES pulls a phone out of his jacket.

WE: (chuckling) "Gery is calling again."

ML: "Text him that we just got out of another meeting with Caron's agent. That should make him happy."

WES presses 'Ignore' on the phone and starts typing.

JH: "I see. I suppose there's nothing wrong with getting the perspective of the fans."

ML: "Absolutely. We're even bringing in some of the players, who should be here any second now."

A rattling sound comes from a DOOR behind the conference table. The door handle turns, and turns back, and turns again. There is some muttering from the other side of the DOOR, and more jiggling of the handle, before it opens. MICHAEL-CARTER WILLIAMS, JOHNNY O'BRYANT, and GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO enter, all wearing Bucks-branded practice attire. MICHAEL has a somewhat frustrated expression, GIANNIS appears happy, and JOHNNY has slumped shoulders and his head slightly lowered.

WE: "Hey guys, how's it going? Welcome."

GA: (smiling) "Hello, Mr. Wes, we are great! We just got done with practice, excited to meet some fans!"

As GIANNIS enters the room, a PLANT near the wall spontaneously blooms flowers. MARC does a double-take and leans towards HAMMOND.

ML: "...that was a plastic plant..."

As MICHAEL enters the room, he bangs into a table with a small STATUE, causing two pieces to launch into the air towards the window. MICHAEL effortlessly steps over and catches each piece, and looks them over for any damage. Satisfied, he places the STATUE back on the table, where it promptly rolls the other direction and shatters on the floor.

WE: "Oh...well, don't worry about that, Michael."

GA: (smiling) "Yeah, MCW, we get a new one! Or we can take a pottery class, and make one!"

MICHAEL grimaces at the mess for a moment, then shakes his head and walks to the seat next to GIANNIS, who is smiling.

As JOHNNY enters the room, he avoids the shards of clay and takes the seat next to MICHAEL. JOHNNY pours some water for his teammates and himself, and hangs his head slightly lower.

GA: (smiling) "Oh, I almost forgot! I brought some gifts for you all!"

JH: "Giannis, we told you that you don't..."

GIANNIS bounces up from his seat and pulls some boxes out of his backpack. He gives a long, thin box to MARC, WES, and JOHN, and a smaller square one to JOHNNY and MICHAEL. MARC, WES, and HAMMOND all open their boxes to reveal a simple green-striped NECKTIE, and a $10 Starbucks GIFT CARD.

ML: (tiredly) "Giannis, thank you. This will go great with the belt you got us last week. And the cufflinks last month."

MICHAEL and JOHNNY open their boxes and each find a RUBIK'S CUBE, and they nod their thanks. GIANNIS is smiling. JOHNNY starts casually shifting his cube around. MICHAEL quickly shifts the pieces into place and solves the cube in under thirty seconds.

JOB: (dejectedly) "Wow, Mike, that was really fast."

MCW: "Thanks. I worked on it over the summer."

JOB: (offering his cube) "Do you think you can do mine?"

MICHAEL tosses his finished cube into his bag, and takes the cube from JOHNNY. MICHAEL concentrates on one side, and makes a flurry of moves on the cube, but doesn't solve it. MICHAEL keeps spinning the same three parts, repeating the sequence without any progress. JOHNNY hangs his head slightly lower.

WE: "So, let's get our last person in. Giannis, would you take this number and dial in Coach Kidd?"

GA: (smiling) "Sure thing, Mr. Wes!"

GIANNIS punches a code into the telephone and double-checks the number. After a moment, everyone else notices that the call has not been sent and looks at GIANNIS. GIANNIS has a nervous expression on his face and looks around, landing on MICHAEL, who leans over and presses 'Send'. GIANNIS smiles, seemingly relieved that he did not have to pull the trigger.

On a TELEVISION on the wall, a chime sounds and the screen reads: "Starting Teleconference"; after a short loading screen, JASON KIDD appears wearing a hooded sweatshirt. JASON is in a darkened workout room, and the poor lighting has an unsettling effect. HAMMOND is slightly more uncomfortable than before. JOHNNY hangs his head slightly lower.

GA: (smiling) "Hey, Coach!"

ML: "Jason, thanks for joining us. How's the hip feeling?"

JK: (mumbles incoherently)

MARC shakes his head and increases the volume on the TELEVISION significantly. JASON continues to speak in a near-inaudible voice. JOHNNY hangs his head slightly lower.

JK: "...and at the end of the day, that's what really matters."

WE: "Alright, that's great Jason. Are you ready to get started?"

JK: "We have guys that are out there to make shots, but if we can't defend and we can't create turnovers, we're not going to get shots."

WE: "...okay...great. Let's start bringing people in."

Scene cuts to the door of the conference room, and YOU walk through the door. JOHNNY picks his head up slightly higher.

Now, it's your turn. Finish the scene in the comments section below. The only rule is that you can't propose anything that is physically impossible, like investing in a time machine to go back and undo the MCW-Knight trade. Otherwise, it's up to you to convince the players, coach, GM, and owners that you have the solution for what the Bucks need to do. We all see problems, we all see potential; what's your solution?