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Ranking the Roster 2016: Malcolm Brog-done

In a very reserved and fundamentally-sound round of voting, Malcolm Brogdon has been voted off of Bucks Island.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

In a round surrounded by mostly veteran teammates, Malcolm Brogdon was decisively named the 11th most valuable Buck remaining on the roster.

With no NBA resume and an unexciting playing style, Brogdon would appear to have one of the lowest ceilings of the remaining Bucks. As a second-round pick, though, it's challenging to find an impact player who consistently tries to make the correct play or convert the easy pass, while still holding his own defensively. After four years playing at Virginia, fans of Brogdon are enamored with his physical frame (6'5.5" in shoes, 6'10.5" wingspan, 223 lbs) and theoretical ability to play either guard position. Perhaps not destined for stardom, Brogdon instead seems like he could develop into a vital supporting player.

In terms of how his value compares to the current roster, I find it fascinating that people are more willing to cut bait on the versatile Brogdon before focusing on one of the three players who play center, all of whom have professional experience, contracts that pay them each $11 million-plus and a notable list of perceived deficiencies...

But that's none of my business, I suppose. Who's next?

(Reminder: we're counting down the most valuable players from a roster-building perspective, not just who is going to be the best player next year. So put on your NBA GM hat and consider all the key factors that go into a player's value: past productivity, future potential, contract, age, personality, etc. So to start, pick the player you think is least valuable -- in other words, if the NBA had an expansion draft, who would be the first Bucks player you'd leave unprotected?)

  1. Malcolm Brogdon
  2. Michael Beasley
  3. Rashad Vaughn
  4. Jason Terry
  5. Steve Novak