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Ranking the Roster 2016: MC(ya later)W

Bucks Island has decided that Michael Carter-Williams will be their newest exile.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

In a round without any clear answer, Bucks fans did what they did best: put it on MCW. Michael Carter-Williams took 32% of the vote and has been chosen as the 10th most valuable Buck left on the roster.

MCW has long been a target of Bucks fans' scorn, for reasons both within and outside his control. A skilled stat stuffer with a suspect outside shot, Carter-Williams was the 2013-14 Rookie of the Year in the first season of the "Trust The Process" 76ers. Then the following season, after replacing Brandon Knight via trade on the surprisingly-competent Bucks, the poor on-court fit with Giannis Antetokounmpo drew fans' ire as it appeared that the Bucks blew up a good thing (again). From there, things never really got better on the floor...or in fans' minds.

As a player, MCW has some distinct weirdness to him that might make him more intriguing on a roster that wasn't already so weird. He's huge for a point guard and can cover other positions, but is particularly average (or worse) at things that other point guards are good at (especially shooting). He takes a lot of risks that end up in either a spectacular play or a bonehead mistake. To paraphrase one of our esteemed commenters (oldresorter), MCW and Giannis are good at a lot of the same things...except Giannis is generally much better, and the Bucks struggle when too many non-shooters need the ball in their hands.

Once again, I personally question why our esteemed voters picked yet another guard on a rookie-scale contract to boot off of the team, when there are so many forwards and bigs left on the roster. First it was Vaughn, then it was Brogdon, now MCW? I can understand the arguments against them (mostly), but I find it hard to believe that all three of them are truly less valuable than any of the Bucks' centers.

Or maybe they are. I guess we'll see. Who's the next Buck to be gone?

(Reminder: we're counting down the most valuable players from a roster-building perspective, not just who is going to be the best player next year. So put on your NBA GM hat and consider all the key factors that go into a player's value: past productivity, future potential, contract, age, personality, etc. So to start, pick the player you think is least valuable -- in other words, if the NBA had an expansion draft, who would be the first Bucks player you'd leave unprotected?)

  1. Michael Carter-Williams
  2. Malcolm Brogdon
  3. Michael Beasley
  4. Rashad Vaughn
  5. Jason Terry
  6. Steve Novak