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PODCAST: MACC Fund Game Preview and Twitter Mailbag

NBA: Preseason-Milwaukee Bucks at Indiana Pacers James Brosher-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow, the Bucks will participate in the 40th Annual Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer Fund Game against the Chicago Bulls. It will be their fourth preseason game, but more importantly the game will help raise money for the MACC Fund.

If you are interested in learning more about how Bucks announcers Jon McGlocklin and Eddie Doucette created the MACC Fund, go here. If you want to donate to the MACC Fund, go here. If you want to buy a ticket to the MACC Fund game, which will also get you a ticket to the Bucks home opener AND make a donation to the MACC Fund, go here.

The Bucks beat the Bulls 93-91 in their first preseason matchup this year, but the starters were rather unimpressive. It was the Bucks’ bench mob led by Matthew Dellavedova, Greg Monroe, and Michael Beasley (!) that brought the Bucks back into the game and gave them a lead. Frank and I discussed whether or not something like that might happen again on the latest Locked on Bucks podcast, in addition to answering listener questions:

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And if you missed our recap of the Bucks’ last preseason game against the Pacers, take a listen here.

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After discussing the lineups we would like to see and some of the things we’ll be watching for on Saturday, we quickly moved to a Twitter mailbag.

(Editor’s note: We know we should do a better job of soliciting questions on here, but we often don’t plan mailbags out in advance so Twitter normally becomes our way to get questions in a hurry. So, if you ever want a question answered, ask us (@brewhoop and @eric_nehm) on Twitter. We don’t care about how long you’ve been on Twitter, whether you’re an egg, or if you even follow us. Just ask us Bucks questions and we’ll almost always answer.)

On to the questions...

Question 1:

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Question 8:

Thanks for all the questions! As mentioned above, if you ever want one of your questions answered on the podcast (or just in general), hit us up on Twitter! Have a good weekend! If you’re going to the Bucks game, be sure to support the MACC Fund and buy tickets from the Bucks!