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Ranking the Roster 2016: Ta-ta to Teletovic, Hello to Snell

In another Brew Hoop "Ranking the Roster" first, the voters say farewell to the ever-stretchy Mirza Teletovic while also considering how to place newcomer Tony Snell.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

With a whopping 44% of the vote, Mirza Teletovic has been dubbed the seventh most valuable Buck!

While you were reading that sentence, Telly shot a 3. That's his game, and he is not shy about it. Over his four-year career, over 60% of Mirza's shots are from deep, and he hits on 37.5% of those attempts. At 6'9", he provides valuable spacing from the forward position, and with a newly-signed contract that pays out $31.5 million over the next three seasons, Teletovic figures to be an important part of the Bucks' supporting cast.

I think this is a good place for Telly to rank on the Bucks roster. His game is very one-dimensional, and while that dimension is exactly what the Bucks need, you're still paying $10+ million for a one-trick pony. Here's to hoping that this particular pony pulls off a ton of tricks.

In this edition of Ranking the Roster, we want to be responsive to the recent trade that sent Michael Carter-Williams to Chicago in exchange for Tony Snell. Snell was picked 20th overall in the 2013 NBA Draft class, and hasn't yet become the high-efficiency 3&D wing that Bulls fans wanted. Now that he's a Buck, where do you rank Snell? Is he about the same as MCW? Should he be way higher? Way lower? Tell us!

(Reminder: we're counting down the most valuable players from a roster-building perspective, not just who is going to be the best player next year. So put on your NBA GM hat and consider all the key factors that go into a player's value: past productivity, future potential, contract, age, personality, etc. So to start, pick the player you think is least valuable -- in other words, if the NBA had an expansion draft, who would be the first Bucks player you'd leave unprotected?)

  1. Mirza Teletovic
  2. Miles Plumlee
  3. John Henson
  4. Michael Carter-Williams Tony Snell?
  5. Malcolm Brogdon
  6. Michael Beasley
  7. Rashad Vaughn
  8. Jason Terry
  9. Steve Novak