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PODCAST: Preseason Recap, Part 2

NBA: Preseason-Milwaukee Bucks at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

(Editor’s Note: I apologize for the lateness of this post. My poor effort though serves as a perfect reason to subscribe to the podcast in some way. It went up this morning around 10 a.m. You could have had it nine hours earlier if you just subscribed. Nine whole hours!)

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In the first part of our Preseason Recap podcast, we tried to focus on the positive of the preseason. In the second part of our Preseason Recap, we attempted to focus on the negatives, but, if I’m being honest, the positives and negatives all blurred together. So, here is a quick rundown of what we talked about:

  • Maker’s lack of minutes. Thon Maker simply didn’t see minutes in the preseason. Part of it was a wrist injury, but part of it seemed to just be head coach Jason Kidd deciding not to play Maker. Whatever the reasons, it was frustrating to see Maker get so few reps in the preseason because it seems difficult to figure out how he’ll get minutes during the season.
  • Michael Beasley. What can be said about Michael Beasley that hasn’t already been said about Michael Beasley? He’s going to shoot the ball a lot. Some think that’s a good thing. It’s difficult to find much proof that his shooting/scoring has had a positive impact on his previous teams.
  • Who’s the two? Obviously, the Bucks have tried to figure out how to compensate at the position after the Khris Middleton injury, but there aren’t really any clear cut answers. On top of that, two of the possible candidates, Tony Snell and Rashad Vaughn have struggled with injuries in the last week.
  • Moose got loose. Surprisingly, aside from his scoring totals, Greg Monroe put up serious numbers, including a ludicrous four steals per game during the preseason. Does it mean anything? Does it make him any more attractive to the Bucks? To other suitors?
  • What to do with Malcolm Brogdon? When the Bucks traded Michael Carter-Williams to the Bulls, Brogdon essentially became the backup point guard in Milwaukee, but does he deserve that position? The sterling assist-turnover ratio Brogdon showed off during Summer League action subsided this preseason and he struggled to make shots regularly.
  • The Bucks’ BIG Dilemma. Monroe, John Henson, and Miles Plumlee are all being paid handsomely to play center in Milwaukee. Jason Kidd normally only gives two centers regular playing time. Did the preseason help the Bucks figure out about how they may try to sort out that problem?