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Ranking the Roster 2016: Taking Off the JET

Bon voyage, Jason Terry. We'll always have Media Day!

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

After a hotly-contested round of voting, the people have spoken. With 48% of the vote, Jason Terry, is the 14th most valuable remaining Buck!

There were some spirited conversations in the comments section arguing whether or not Rashad Vaughn deserved this spot. With Rashad still on the board and a vocal coalition of voters, I imagine we can get into his ranking soon enough. Today is all about the JET.

Back in 1999, I was in middle school, the iPhone wasn't a thing, people were freaking out about Y2K, and Jason Terry was drafted 10th overall by the Atlanta Hawks. That is the primary reason why the 39-year old combo guard won this round of voting.

Despite his age, Terry remains a useful player because of his shooting (39.0% from three in 2014-15, 35.6% last season) and his overall understanding of the game. Signing with the Bucks late in the summer, the 18-year NBA vet is a player that Kidd trusts and will get playing time next to the Bucks' youth without being relied upon to carry the team (or costing a ton on the salary sheet). Plus, he's is a great quote for the media, and probably a pretty good influence on Milwaukee's stable of young players.

Terry will probably do pretty well for himself this season, but none of us would be surprised if this were his last, making him one of the least valuable players on the roster. Fly away, away...

(Reminder: we're counting down the most valuable players from a roster-building perspective, not just who is going to be the best player next year. So put on your NBA GM hat and consider all the key factors that go into a player's value: past productivity, future potential, contract, age, personality, etc. So to start, pick the player you think is least valuable -- in other words, if the NBA had an expansion draft, who would be the first Bucks player you'd leave unprotected?)

  1. Jason Terry
  2. Steve Novak