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VIDEO: John Henson gets into scuffle with Memphis' Matt Barnes

John Henson and Matt Barnes certainly aren't having dinner together anytime soon.

Tonight's regular season matchup between the Milwaukee Bucks and Memphis Grizzlies couldn't get any crazier, frankly. With Giannis Antetokounmpo flirting with another triple-double, the Bucks bench carrying the team on it's back like Greg Jennings, only something involving Henson and the energetic player that is Barnes could top things off.

Henson was tossed from the game with literally a few seconds remaining for taunting after a vicious block on Barnes from behind. He looked in the direction of Barnes immediately after, and of course, Barnes didn't take it lightly.

Henson made sure to leave on a positive note, hyping up the fans on his way out and tossing his sweaty but victorious jersey into the stands.

Shortly after, the Grizzlies attempted to sub Barnes out of the game, yet it somehow resulted in Barnes hitting the tunnel right behind Henson. Contrary to most people believing Barnes just immediately took off after Henson, he actually went to the scorers table and looked to hit the bench before eventually leaving. But of course, that's when he jogged back (like most players do) to the locker room with probably the intent of approaching Henson. He didn't actually get ejected from the game, otherwise there would've been free-throws.

Barnes did not enter the Bucks locker room and Barnes eventually left the arena with two BMO Harris Bradley Center security members beside him.