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Bucks vs. Pacers Daily Fantasy Tip - Can Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker keep it rolling?

Milwaukee's thrilling young frontcourt has been tearing it up lately.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Bucks are 3-3 since the All-Star Break and the roster is in something of a flux, with longstanding starters now playing bench roles and the most recent addition suddenly lost again.


Monday's game against Houston was Giannis' second triple-double in four games. Maybe my favorite part of his play of late has been how well-balanced his offense has been. Even while assuming a much larger distributor role (nine assists per game over his last four), Giannis is still averaging 13 field goals and 6 free throw attempts per game. He's pressing his own offense when he can and looking for his teammates when the opportunities are there. It's really terrific to watch.

Now all that being said, and reserving immense respect to Giannis Antetokounmpo, there may be nobody more exciting to Bucks fans right now than Jabari Parker, who is playing his best basketball ever over the last few games.

To our current concern: Since the All-Star break, Jabari Parker has topped 32 daily fantasy points in five of six games while averaging about 36 fantasy points overall. That level of production equates to about an $8,000 salary on FanDuel, but Parker is going for just $6,000 at the moment. He'd be a solid pick if not for one big misgiving: the team lacing up opposite Milwaukee tonight. The Indiana Pacers are third in the NBA in defensive rating, and Parker will likely start the game matched up against Paul George (unless the Pacers decide to put George on Giannis). That's not exactly a great recipe for monster numbers, though Indiana does play at a healthy clip (8th in pace, just behind Houston). Jabari is an eminently defensible pick for Bucks fans looking to inject a little favoritism into their daily fantasy lineups tonight, but he's got more working against him than he'll see on an average night.

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(Editor's Note: all the opinions expressed here are my own. FanDuel gave me some cash to play daily fantasy games)