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NBA Lottery Results: Bucks stick at #10, Sixers and Lakers go #1-2

Expect the expected.

Warren Little/Getty Images

There was no magic for the Milwaukee Bucks on lottery night.

As expected, the Bucks came away from the NBA Draft Lottery with the #10 overall pick, and in general "as expected" was the operative word on the evening. For the first time in modern lottery history, the original draft order was left unchanged through the lottery, with the league-worst Sixers claiming the first overall pick, the L.A. Lakers claiming #2 and Boston -- thanks to Brooklyn's futility -- rounding out the top three.

While Philly fans get the catharsis of finally landing a top overall pick, the Lakers were arguably the night's biggest winner. Landing in the top three assured that they wouldn't lose their protected pick to Philly -- a residual of the Michael Carter-Williams deal -- and landing at number two means they can take whomever is leftover between Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons. They may also shop the pick, knowing that a shot at Ingram or Simmons will have significant value and could land L.A. the type of star needed to accelerate their rebuild.

In addition to the 10th overall pick, the Bucks will also have the 36th and 38th picks in the second round. Complete order:

No 1st Round No 2nd Round
1 Philadelphia 31 Boston (PHI)
2 L.A. Lakers 32 L.A. Lakers
3 Boston 33 L.A. Clippers (BRK)
4 Phoenix 34 Phoenix
5 Minnesota 35 Boston (MIN)
6 New Orleans 36 Milwaukee (NOP)
7 Denver (NYK) 37 Houston (NYK)
8 Sacramento 38 Milwaukee
9 Toronto (DEN) 39 New Orleans (DEN)
10 Milwaukee 40 New Orleans (SAC)
11 Orlando 41 Orlando
12 Utah 42 Utah
13 Phoenix (WAS) 43 Houston
14 Chicago 44 Atlanta (WAS)
15 Denver (HOU) 45 Boston (MEM)
16 Boston (DAL) 46 Dallas
17 Memphis 47 Orlando (CHI)
18 Detroit 48 Chicago (POR)
19 Denver (POR) 49 Detroit
20 Indiana 50 Indiana
21 Atlanta 51 Denver (CHA)
22 Charlotte 52 Utah (BOS)
23 Boston 53 Boston (MIA)
24 Philadelphia (MIA) 54 Atlanta
25 Los Angeles Clippers 55 Brooklyn (LAC)
26 Philadelphia (OKC) 56 Denver (OKC)
27 Toronto 57 Memphis (TOR)
28 Phoenix (CLE) 58 Boston (CLE)
29 San Antonio 59 Sacramento (SAS)
30 Golden State 60 Utah (GSW)