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2016 NBA Draft - Brew Hoop Community Draft Board: Kentucky combo guard Jamal Murray goes #3

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Most of the recognizable mock draft outlets have Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram tabbed to go 1-2 in some order, but after that, the 2016 NBA Draft seems to get much murkier. Voting for the #3 spot on our draft board reflected that, with no player taking even 40% of the votes and four prospects getting at least 10%. In the end, Jamal Murray - G, Kentucky was the victor with just over a third of all votes in his favor.

Murray won't wow anybody with his physical abilities, boasting neither elite size nor athleticism, but this guy is a basketball player in most every sense of the word. Despite his young age, Murray showed an advanced skillset and a number of NBA-ready talents in his freshman year at Kentucky, and his college performance largely evidences a player who can carve out at least a modicum of success in the pros.

Murray's biggest strength aligns perfectly with the Milwaukee Bucks' biggest weakness: shooting. Murray was an outstanding college shooter, hitting over 40% of his three point attempts despite being the focal point of a young offense. His shooting form is picture-perfect and translates well as an off-ball scorer, excelling in both catch-and-shoot and off-screen situations. Murray manages to score pretty well around the basket as well, showing a knack for finding space, drawing contact, and just generally playing like an experienced vet.

The problem for Murray is developing those complimentary skills that can make him more than a limited--albeit efficient--scorer. His passing leaves a lot to be desired and he's fairly turnover prone, a concern for a player that looks more than a combo guard than a typical 2. Those positional concerns manifest themselves on defense as well, where Murray has a lot of room for improvement, though the general feeling is that he made a lot of progress during his sole college season.

2016 Brew Hoop Community Draft Board

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