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2016 NBA Draft - Brew Hoop Community Draft Board - Can Kris Dunn shore up PG position?

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Whether the Bucks even have a point guard problem is likely to vary depending on who you ask. Some might say the Bucks' lead guard of the future is already on the roster, and he really likes smoothies. But for those unconvinced on the merits of turning Giannis Antetokounmpo into a full-time PG, that spot is surely in need of some attention. Our readers gave it some with their #7 pick, selecting Kris Dunn - PG, Providence.

Dunn's physical profile puts him in excellent company among elite point guard prospects. He's big, he's fast, and he's athletic, all characteristics that help him exploit matchups and mismatches. Dunn's explosiveness is evident in transition, where he did much of his damage at Providence. Of course, most players thrive in transition, but Dunn's ability to create skills and grab defensive rebounds means he can create those opportunities at a high rate.

Dunn is a good-but-not-great passer. He's capable of running an efficient offense without dominating the ball, and he shows some advanced pick and roll mechanics, though he leverages these for his own offense at least as much as to create shots for teammates. The much bigger issue related to his traditional point guard skills is a very high turnover rate--Dunn turned the ball over on nearly 19% of his possessions as a junior, which was actually an improvement from his 22.6% turnover rate the previous season.

Dunn's jump shot sits in a similar good-but-not-great spot. Although he hit a very respectable 37.2% from three as a junior, scouts worry about his inconsistency. His form varies from night to night and shot to shot, and he displayed a worrisome affinity for the long-two at Providence. He's shown some improvement as an interior scorer, however, and if nothing else, his shot doesn't appear completely broken.

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