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Podcast: Talking NBA Draft, Milwaukee Bucks and the future of the East with Andrew Sharp

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The NBA draft is fast approaching, and in many ways it can't come soon enough.

We've spent the past months poring over internet scouting reports, dissecting countless mock drafts and watching enough DraftExpress scouting report videos to have the soundtrack permanently seared into our brains. Few if any of us can claim any real expertise on the 60 guys who will hear their name called on June 23, but that won't stop us from advocating for our favorites with near-religious zeal, right?

On Sunday, Eric Nehm and I had the chance to get an outside perspective on the Bucks and the draft specifically with one of my favorite people in the world of NBA media: Sports Illustrated's Andrew Sharp. We discussed why Andrew's love of Giannis Antetokounmpo makes him more skeptical of Ben Simmons, who he thinks could be interesting for the Bucks at #10 and a broader discussion of where the Bucks fit in the grand scheme of the wide-open East moving forward. For much more from Andrew, be sure to follow him on Twitter, subscribe to the Open Floor podcast and read his work at Sports IllustratedNote: we had some issues with the audio so you may need to lower the volume.

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