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PODCAST: Talking Milwaukee Bucks' past, present and future with Bucksketball's Jeremy Schmidt

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Often times, the discussions on this website get very intense and very detailed, which is fantastic and makes for a wonderful basketball community. Those same discussions though rarely focus on big picture ideas. Not things like "What is the ideal core to place around the Bucks' new big three?" or "How does signing Giannis Antetokounmpo to a max contract affect our cap space in 2020?" but rather more philosophical discussions.

We rarely discuss the mental composition of a fanbase that still roots for a team that has won 50 games just once in the last 29 years. We don't really talk about what would truly make us happy as a fan. We don't talk about how our experiences have affected our fanhood and the ways we use the Bucks in our lives.

With this in mind, Frank and I decided to chat with the proprietor of Bucksketball and wonderful human being, Jeremy Schmidt (I would be lying if I said the whole thing wasn't Jeremy's idea). You probably already know that Jeremy and his Bucksketball crew do wonderful work and you should read everything they write and listen to all of the podcasts they create. It's all sensational...except Jeremy's Khris Middleton takes.

We touched on the perception of the Bucks at this point as compared to five or ten years in the past, whether or not the Bucks' current big three is talented enough to win a championship, if a championship is the only way for us to be happy as fans, and how our experiences may color the team's hypothetical future success.

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