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2016 Brew Hoop Community Draft Board - Pick #1

Time to assemble our NBA Draft wish list for 2016!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Gather round, gather round, the most important election of 2016 is about to begin! I am of course talking about the voting for our 2016 Brew Hoop Community Draft Board, where we'll choose our top 10 players in the 2016 NBA Draft. A little unluckiness (and a late-season overtime win against the 76ers) dropped the Bucks in at #10 in the draft order, and that's where we're looking to get with our board.

Hopefully you're all familiar with how this works by now. Here's what our 2015 Draft Board looked like by the end of the process (curiously, Rashad Vaughn doesn't make an appearance...). As usual, I'll populate each poll according to the DraftExpress Top 100 Prospect List and include an option for "other" if you prefer to write-in a particular player in the comments. And remember, this is a vote on who you want to pick at each spot, not who you think will get picked. Big Board, not Mock Draft.

Now get out/down there and vote!