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2016 NBA Draft - Brew Hoop Community Draft Board: Brandon Ingram takes the #2 spot

If there's a player to challenge Ben Simmons for the top overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, it's probably Duke's talented forward.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't close, reflective of the conventional wisdom that this is a "two player draft." Whether that's true or not, the Brew Hoop community overwhelmingly chose Brandon Ingram - SF, Duke for the #2 spot on the 2016 Draft Board.

A swingman with the albatross arms of a center, Ingram has fantastic physical talents waiting to be unlocked. A late growth spurt means he hasn't had a ton of time to get used to his height or frame, and adding strength /places dollar in draftspeak jar/ will be critical early on in his career. Similar to Ben Simmons, his chief competition for the top spot in the draft, Ingram looks on cursory glance to be redundant with the core pieces of the Bucks' roster. But he also offers some important skills those players currently lack, with the potential to become an even more complete player.

Ingram played a significant role on Duke's elite offense last season, with a statistical profile that aligns him more with top guards than his nominal small forward spot. He's an excellent shooter and shot-creator when facing mismatches, but lacks the elite explosiveness to consistently punish fast and skilled defenses. This trouble manifests itself in a few ways, notably his below-average finishing around the rim and in the paint (48% shooting on half-court paint attempts).

Ingram's length and competitiveness made him an effective defender at Duke, though that effort level waned at times, perhaps owed in part to Duke's short rotations. He looks certain to be a multi-positional defender at the next level, though he'll need to work on his fundamentals to fit into a complicated team scheme.

Side note to yesterday's side note: Y'all keep messing with me so now the trade option is gone. THAT'S RIGHT, I HAVE THE POWER. Probably too complicating for this little exercise anyway.