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PODCAST: The Bucks' starter at center, addressing three point shooting woes, and winning without shooting threes

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After a brief detour during Mailbag Week for an EMERGENCY Miles Plumlee podcast, we are back on schedule here at Brew Hoop. Over the weekend, we were asked about the Bucks' starter at center this upcoming season and that question has become even more elevated with Plumlee's new deal.

As currently constructed, the Bucks will spend around 42.4 million dollars on the center position this upcoming season with Plumlee, Henson, and Monroe each making more than 12 million dollars. Monroe remains the highest paid big on the roster (17.1 million), but Plumlee and Henson both trail relatively close behind him.

With each of the three bigs being compensated similarly, one would think the criteria for a starter may shift to each player's production on the floor. Monroe obviously outpaces both Henson and Plumlee in just about every counting stat aside from blocks, but both Henson and Plumlee bring quite a bit more to the team on the defensive side of the floor. One of the oft-cited statistics when evaluating Plumlee's extension is the Bucks' +10.3 net rating in the 223 post-All-Star Break minutes Plumlee shared the floor with Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker, and Khris Middleton. So, with three capable options, who should the Bucks start?

The best Bucks' starting center will likely be discussed throughout the entire season, as will the style of basketball the Bucks choose to play. Throughout the last two seasons, many, including yours truly, have questioned whether or not the Bucks shoot enough threes and whether or not their current offensive gameplan can survive in the modern NBA. Before Plumlee's signing, the Bucks two major moves of the offseason were adding Matthew Dellavedova and Mirza Teletovic. Both players are noted three point specialists with Dellavedova bringing a high three point shooting percentage and Teletovic bringing both accuracy and volume. Do their additions improve the Bucks three-point shooting woes? If they don't, can the Bucks' offense survive in the current version of the NBA?

We covered the future of the center position and the Bucks' three point shooting on the newest addition of Locked on Bucks. As always, we appreciate feedback and your (five star!) reviews on iTunes. Since we are doing things differently, be sure to subscribe to the podcast in which ever way you normally consume podcasts. (The links for iTunes and the RSS feed can be found below.) Thanks for listening!

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