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PODCAST: Positive and negative Bucks biases, Giannis the marksman, Jabari the defender and other Bucks hypotheticals

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Opinions fly around Brew Hoop with little to no restraint. If you have a Bucks opinion, let it out! There might be someone that disagrees with you in the comments section, but that's okay. Still, it's not often that we take a moment, look deep inside and think about our own opinions. That, though, is exactly what we ask of you today.

After a question in our last podcast about whether we are too hard on Michael Carter-Williams, Frank and I took a moment to discuss that claim and consider why MCW's tenure has often been negatively viewed, for both fair and unfair reasons. Ultimately, we decided that we generally believe Carter-Williams' can make a meaningful contribution to a successful season, and that moment of introspection left us wanting more.

We decided that we should take part of today's episode of Locked on Bucks to contemplate the moments in which we were both overly critical and perhaps not critical enough. When in the past few years had we been too willing to look past some ugly warts? When had we gotten out the microscope to find problems with a player when few really existed? Since we took that deep look inside, we ask you to do the same thing in the comments section. Which Bucks player are or were you too positive about over the years? Too negative?

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After pondering our internal biases and preferences, we decided to try to have a little bit of fun and dream of a fantasy world in which we were allowed to add a single skill to the abilities of each Bucks player. It's a fun game that I often tried to manipulate to give Bucks players skills that would help them both offensively and defensively, but we deemed that to be against our completely-made-up rules. So the focus should be adding a single skill or ability on offense or defense to make the player better.

The hypotheticals we dreamed up helped turn Giannis Antetokounmpo into a top five player in the NBA, Jabari Parker into a two-way beast and Thon Maker into a stretch-five capable of holding down the middle of the Bucks' long-term attack. We're excited to see what you guys think up, so be sure to put your ideas for each player in the comments, as well as the one skill you would bestow on a single Bucks player if you were given just one to hand out.

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