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Bucks will meet Dwyane Wade despite increased Heat offer; Cavs won't match Matthew Dellavedova offer sheet; Giannis Antetokounmpo and Greece win in Olympic qualifying

Delly was the first domino (obviously). Durant was the second. Now where will D-Wade land?

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The Milwaukee Bucks have a meeting with Dwyane Wade scheduled for Wednesday, but the long odds of stealing Wade from South Beach appear to be getting even longer.

After Kevin Durant's decision to sign with the Warriors sent shockwaves across the league on Monday afternoon, the Heat were able to officially abandon their futile pursuit of Durant and thus up their offer to Wade to two years and approximately $40 million. Miami could offer an additional $5 million per season if they can move Josh McRoberts without taking any salary back, but they might not need it.

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The Bucks could try to sway Wade by offering a three-year deal, but their ability to come anywhere close to matching Miami's offer remains entirely dependent on moving Greg Monroe's $17 million salary without taking any salary back. That might be possible, but it's not something they're likely to do unless Wade were to actually give them indication that he intended to sign in Milwaukee, and even then it might require dealing from a position of weakness. Offering a third year is also fraught with risk for the Bucks, who have plenty of cap flexibility the next two seasons but would likely be pushed into the luxury tax in the 18/19 season. That would be the first year that Milwaukee would be paying big money to Giannis Antetokounmpo (extension starting 17/18), Jabari Parker (extension starting in 18/19) and Wade (presumably making north of $20-25 million) at the same time.

One potential dark horse candidate for Wade's services might ironically be the Cavs, who can't offer more than the tax-payer mid-level exception ($3.4 million)...but also happen to have a title-winning roster and Wade's good friend LeBron James. Cavs fans are already tracking Wade's air travel for hints of a potential deal...

Cavs will pass on matching Dellavedova offer sheet

Speaking of Cleveland: the Bucks will be signing Matthew Dellavedova to an offer sheet when the moratorium ends on July 7, and we've been assuming since Friday that the 25-year-old Aussie would land in Milwaukee despite the Cavs' ability to match any deals for the restricted free agent -- after all, LeBron James tweeted as much on Friday afternoon.

On Monday, Chris Haynes of confirmed that would indeed be the case, as the Cavs will spare themselves additional luxury tax penalties by letting Delly walk without compensation. Haynes also notes that Dellavedova's four-year, $38.4 million deal will not have any options and is fully guaranteed.

Alex Ralston at Fear the Sword writes that the Cavs will miss Delly, but it's also the correct decision given Cleveland's difficult financial situation. One very interesting stat that the Bucks are hoping isn't a fluke:

He's performed admirably in his minutes as the second unit point guard, tallying the second best on/off rating on the Cavs last season trailing only LeBron James. While Dellavedova is primarily known as a defense first player he was one of the most effective passer's out pick and roll situations in the NBA: When Matthew Dellavedova found the roll man or a cutter w/ a pass out of the pick & roll this season, that player shot 71 percent, tops in the NBA.

Giannis helps Greece cruise in Olympic qualifying opener

One win down, three more to go. Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Greek national team took care of business against Iran 78-53 on Monday, as Giannis scored 16 points in just 19 minutes to lead Greece to a win in its group play opener. Antetokounmpo hit all five of his shots inside the arc and 2/3 from deep, in addition to three boards, two assists, two steals and two blocks. Highlights below:
The Greeks next face Mexico (and Jorge Gutierrez!) on Wednesday at 11 am CT.