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PODCAST: Will a fast start help Bucks get over hump?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday we broke down the Bucks' 2016-17 schedule, and over the weekend Eric Nehm and I decided to dig a bit deeper into the significance it may (or may not) have on the Young Bucks' fortunes in the 16-17 season.

Some notes to accompany the podcast:

  • For more on Steve Novak's imminent return, check out our full story on that topic right here.
  • At one point I refer to the Bucks having a 6'9" primary ball-handler, which is weird because I am very much aware of Giannis Antetokounmpo being listed at 6'11". My bad.
  • Early in the podcast we joked about how the Bucks' status as the league's youngest team (24.4 years old on average) would go out the window if they signed both Steve Novak (33) and Ray Allen (41). So I ran some quick math: add Novak into the mix and the Bucks' average age bumps up to around 25 years old, while adding Allen pushes it to 26 years old. If you're keeping score at home, they'd still be a top-ten youngest team even with both guys.
  • As a reminder, you can check out all of our podcasts right here. Look for our next episode focusing on Olympic basketball on Wednesday.

Episode 17: Breaking down the Bucks' 16-17 schedule

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