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PODCAST: Jason Terry vs. Ray Allen, whoyagot???

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Thursday night brought news that veteran combo guard Jason Terry was reportedly close to signing with the Milwaukee Bucks, which along with the imminent return of Steve Novak would bring the Bucks' roster to 15 -- and presumably end whatever interest the Bucks might have had in a potential Ray Allen signing.

Eric Nehm and I got together to discuss the (potential) move late Thursday night, touching on what the 39-year-old Terry might still have left in the tank, whether he's a better option than the 41-year-old Allen, and how adding Terry would fit into the broader theme of the Bucks' summer:

Episode 19: What Jason Terry (and not Ray Allen) would mean in Milwaukee

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Some additional notes:

  • If you like threes and hate long twos, you'll probably like Jason Terry. He attempted 261 threes (69% of his total shots, hitting 35.6%) and a mere 26 long twos a year ago. Interestingly,though he wasn't completely allergic to shots inside the arc -- he hit a very respectable 50.4% of his two-point attempts each of the past two seasons and has a weirdly effective floater game (better than 51% fro 3-10 feet each of the past two seasons). While he's not quite an automatic shooter when open anymore, his career 38% mark from deep on high volumes is obviously key to his appeal for a team like the Bucks.
  • While Terry should still be a useful fit as an off-ball shooter offensively, the obvious concern will be whether he can still vaguely hack it on the defensive end. As noted in the podcast, the Rockets were surprisingly good with Terry defending point guards in the 14-15 season, but both Terry and the Rockets suffered a major drop-off last season. His -2.8 defensive RPM is hardly encouraging, though with Terry on court the Rockets improved offensively by about the same amount as they got worse defensively: Houston posted a 105.5 ORTG / 105.6 DRTG overall and 106.7/106.9 marks with Terry on the court.
  • A big part of Terry's presumptive role would be off the court, where he'll hopefully provide some of the veteran leadership the Bucks lost with the departures of Zaza Pachulia and Jared Dudley a year ago. He certainly won't offer as much on the court as those two, but he'll hopefully provide some of the veteran leadership that they lost with Dudley/Zaza in 2015 and Kurt Thomas/Jerry Stackhouse in 2010.
  • Signing an almost-39-year-old will always invite jokes about him being more of an assistant coach than a player, and for Terry the coaching angle isn't just wise-cracking. He actually interviewed for the UAB head coaching job in April.
  • Jason Kidd's history with Terry is obviously a major factor his likely arrival: JET won a title as a sixth man with Kidd's Mavericks, and Kidd coached Terry during his 35-game stint in Brooklyn in 13-14. And to answer your follow-up question: no, Terry is not a Jeff Schwartz/Excel Sports client.
  • Shoutout to commenter smarshs22 for suggesting Terry as a potential Bucks target a month ago.