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PODCAST: The Development of Jabari Parker and Jason Kidd's Rotations

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Our conversation with RealGM's Brett Koremenos continues! Check out parts one and two below:

Part 1 (from Monday):

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Part 2: (NEW):

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In the second part of our conversation (brought to you by SeatGeek!), we discuss the continued development of Jabari Parker in Milwaukee. Koremenos breaks down what Parker should be working on this summer and the skills Parker could improve to fit better with the Bucks' young core. We also ask him whether or not Parker's growth as a playmaker could possibly allow Khris Middleton to shift into a Klay Thompson-type role as a threat from deep that the Bucks can leverage into offensive opportunity for others.

After breaking down Parker's future in Milwaukee, we asked for Koremenos' thoughts on Jason Kidd's lineup management, which Koremenos mentioned as a potential challenge for the Bucks in his RealGM piece earlier this summer. With a number of players with duplicative talents on the wing, Koremenos suggests that Kidd could benefit from taking a more rigid approach to his rotations.

Finally, we touched on the Bucks' defensive problems last season, specifically Parker and Greg Monroe, and asked Koremenos if he thought there was any way the Bucks could create a successful defensive scheme with those two on the roster.

Big thanks to Brett for joining us and hopefully we’ll have a chance to catch up with him again once the season starts. In addition to his work at RealGM, you can follow him on Twitter @BKoremenos.