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PODCAST: Picking Teams for a Bucks Pickup Game

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It's the middle of summer. It's time to hang out with your friends and play some basketball. Let's find some captains, pick some teams, and get on the court!

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In the hopes of trying to have a little fun, Frank and I decided to get the 13 Bucks players on the roster, as well as Steve Novak, together to play one pickup game. (By the way, isn't it sort of amusing that Novak will be appearing at the Milwaukee Bucks Milk House at the Wisconsin State Fair despite not officially being a member of the Milwaukee Bucks?) just give him his minimum contract already!)

Frank served as the captain of one team, while I captained the other. (Neither of us will be getting on the floor in this hypothetical. Just selecting the teams.) I also gave him the first pick as he is the king of Brew Hoop.

The first selection and last selection of the draft were easy, but everything in between was quite difficult and complex.

How do you try to create a team that can defend Giannis Antetokounmpo? Or are any efforts to stop him futile and it is just better to attempt to outscore him?

Can anyone stop Greg Monroe down low?

Which of the young two guards (Malcolm Brogdon and Rashad Vaughn) do you want on your squad?

How do you construct a starting lineup?

Is Thon Maker more valuable than any of the veteran bench bigs in a pickup game?

We tried to answer all of these questions and much more in the newest episode of the Locked on Bucks podcast. Go ahead and grade our best and worst picks in the comments section below. Let us know how you would try to assemble a team at the next Bucks pickup run.

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