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Milwaukee Bucks Media Day Forum

It’s Media Day! Let’s follow along!

Hey there everybody! Today is Bucks Media Day, which means we’re that much closer to actual Bucks basketball returning! Twitter has given us a few gems (provided by those lucky enough to attend in an official capacity — not that I’m jealous of Eric or anything...), and I figured that it would be good to get some early bits from the interwebs as we slowly (but surely!) move towards training camp.

Gem #1: Media Day Bingo is back!

Tip of the cap to Frank for always bringing us this treat.

Gem #2: Moose and MCW coming off the bench?

This is pretty big news, considering it’s coming out at the end of September. Coach Jason Kidd is well-known for his predisposition to tinker and toy around with the rotation, but it’s surprising that this came out so early when some doubt that Michael Carter-Williams and Greg Monroe may not embrace these supporting roles. To be continued...

Gem #3: If not Moose, then who?

Are you ready for more Giannis-Plumlee half-court alley-oops? Because I know I am. Miles Plumlee got paid this summer; whether or not that impacted the decision to put him as the presumptive starter is anyone’s guess.

Gem #4: So how did Khris Middleton get hurt?

Another reminder that nothing is fair and everything is the worst. Get well soon, Khris!

Gem #5: Jabari Parker again showing why he’s a great all-around guy.

Parker is well-liked, and for good reason. Him dedicating to supporting Middleton during his recovery is yet another way Jabari demonstrates how he’s simply a good dude.

Gem #6: JET paying early dividends on the whole “veteran leader thing”.

I don’t think that anybody would argue that the biggest steps that Giannis and Jabari can make this year is all about attention to detail, consistent focus, and solid decision-making. If Jason Terry can do that, sign me up for the campaign to get him a deal to move into a coaching role ASAP.

Gem #7: Michael Beasley is here to entertain

Michael Beasley wasn’t bashful in his Bucks media debut. Also, by picking #9 he’s got a pretty low bar to hit in terms of performance in Milwaukee; no one has ever worn that number in Milwaukee for longer than two years, and in the last 15 years its wearers include Yi Jianlian, Francisco Elson, Primoz Brezec, Shaun Livingston, Miroslav Raduljica, Chris Copeland and Jared Cunningham. Here’s hoping his performance will be closer to Jared Dudley and Shaun Livingston than any of the aforementioned dudes.

Gem #8: Matthew Dellavedova is clearly embracing life in Wisconsin

Delly and his fiancee hit up the Packers-Lions game on Sunday, though we have to be a little disappointed that his jersey choice was decidedly lacking in the #GRIT department. Can somebody get Delly a John Kuhn, Frank Winters or Chuck Cecil jersey?

Gem #9: Giannis Antetokoumpo simply existing in the world.

He’s the best.