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Milwaukee Bucks Camp Update: Stockton Stops By, Maker Injured?

Coach Kidd gets a HOF point guard to visit camp, Maker sprains a wrist, Bucks announce Fan Fest on October 2nd

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Adam Silver doesn’t know his own strength.
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Report: Thon Maker injures wrist

The sky is falling!

After Khris Middleton was lost for the season before camp even started, the last thing the Bucks need is for a highly-touted prospect to miss valuable development time. Fortunately, Charles Gardner followed up with this update:

Hopefully this sprain is nothing serious and Thon makes it back with the team shortly.

John Stockton accepts Kidd’s invitation

Much and more has been made of Milwaukee’s $100 Million Greek, and it appears that the organization is pulling out all the stops to get Giannis as much knowledge and point guard perspective as possible:

If you don’t know who John Stockton is, feel free to do some Googling in another window and enjoy the show. Antetokoumpo is still mastering the finer points of the position, but having two All-Timers helping shape his knowledge is only a good thing for the Point Giannis Experience.

Bucks Fan Fest this Sunday!

Some of us aren’t able to be in Milwaukee this weekend, but those of you who are should be sure to take a look at the opportunity. It’s free! Don’t turn down free stuff!