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PODCAST: 16-17 Milwaukee Bucks Over/Unders Part 2

Giannis' assists, Bucks' defense, and roster invitees' roster spots

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2016-17 season approaches, a number of questions surround the Milwaukee Bucks, but the most important ones have to do with two things: Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks' defense.

With that in mind, we tried our best to play Vegas oddsmakers for a second time and put together some over/unders involving those two topics, as well as a bonus question about the Bucks' most recent training camp additions.

9/8/16 | Over/unders, Part 2:

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9/6/16 | Over/unders, Part 1:

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Give our reasoning a listen and then let us know in the comments which side of each bet you’d put your money on:

  • Giannis: 7 assists per game.Throughout this offseason, we've talked about the version of Antetokounmpo we saw after the All-Star Break. You know, the point guard version that put up 18.8 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 7.2 assists per game. This number is very much affected by the version of Antetokounmpo you believe you will see this season. As mentioned on the podcast, only seven players averaged more than seven assists per game last season in the NBA and a Bucks player has only accomplished the feat nine times.
  • Milwaukee's Defensive Rating Ranking: 15th in the NBA. The Bucks' defense struggled mightily last season after being one of the best defenses in the league two seasons ago. Milwaukee has added a couple veterans in Matthew Dellavedova and Mirza Teletovic that could help the defense move and react more intelligently. Jabari Parker and Greg Monroe should also have a better understanding of the team's concepts, and Monroe may not be around much longer, anyway. Despite those changes, it is still fair to wonder if the Bucks will improve defensively. For a frame of reference, the Bucks team defense fell to either 22nd or 24th, depending on which website you prefer to use, from either 2nd or 4th. Is a return to league average too tall an order?
  • Xavier Henry or Orlando Johnson: .5 of them making the Bucks' 15-man roster. There isn't a ton of news this time of year in the NBA, but the Bucks recently went out and signed Henry and Johnson to fill out their training camp roster. (Editor's note: Since recording the podcast, the team also announced J.J. O'Brien will be on the training camp roster. His most recent NBA experience came with the Utah Jazz on a 10-day contract in January.) As Frank mentioned in the podcast, the Bucks haven't included a training camp invite on their opening 15-man roster since Josh Davis in 2005.