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Report: Bucks Waive Gerald Green

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Milwaukee’s latest move opens up a single spot on the regular season roster.

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NBA: Milwaukee Bucks-Media Day Mike De Sisti-USA TODAY Sports

And then there were none.

After signing a number of candidates for the vaunted role of 15th man, the Milwaukee Bucks cut loose Joel Anthony, Gary Payton II, and Brandon Rush once their preseason had concluded. It was evident that Gerald Green, the last man standing, would remain with the team for the foreseeable future.

I certainly hope Gerald waited to start the deer pattern in his hair.

In all seriousness, this move doesn’t shake the team to the core, even if it does make the entire preseason competition for that last seat on the bench kind of pointless. Green averaged 4.0 points / 1.0 boards / 1.0 steals in 4 preseason’ll forgive me if my mourning period is measured in seconds rather than minutes.

With other teams making cuts at the same time, it’s reasonable to guess (as Matt Velazquez posited on Twitter) that the Bucks are interested in someone that was waived elsewhere in the NBA. Who might that be? There aren’t a ton of updated sources to speak of, but I can’t say that I know about any big names available on the waiver wire. Perhaps Richard Jefferson wants to take his podcast on the road to Milwaukee for a second stint?

Let’s open it up to the comments section. First reader to correctly guess the Bucks’ next move earns 10 Brew Hoop Bucks*.

*Editor’s note: Brew Hoop Bucks not redeemable for actual currency. It was a bad joke, and this disclaimer is making it worse.