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Monday Morning Media Roundup: October 2nd, 2017

The Holy Cow Preseason Is Here! Edition

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks-Media Day Mike De Sisti-USA TODAY Sports

Our long drawn-out national crisis is finally at a close: The NBA offseason is finishing up, and preseason basketball is underway across the league. Tonight, the Milwaukee Bucks will be joining the ranks of teams in competition when they take on the Dallas Mavericks in Texas. Will we get to see the rookies get some burn? Who will come out on top in competition for the team's 15th roster spot? Has coach Jason Kidd fixed the defense to reduce the sheer number of open threes opposing teams get on a nightly basis? The answer to all that and more awaits!

But, first, we need to burn some of this unnecessary daytime, and what better way than to take a stroll through the media world to see who is saying what about the Bucks. We'll read about Jabari's offensive prowess with a head of steam, find out what “questions” still remain about this team and much more!

Let's roundup!

How Jabari Parker breaks down defenders in transition (@CrabDribbles via Twitter)

We already know that Jabari Parker can be nigh impossible to stop when he has been able to get his body into motion towards the basket. But, you may ask, how exactly does he do it so seamlessly given his size and (at least previous) explosiveness?

Scott Rafferty, the man behind the account @CrabDribbles goes in-depth on what he touts to be the one move that Parker utilizes to keep defenders guessing. What's his secret? Opposing NBA players hate him for it!

BDL's 2017-18 Season Previews: Milwaukee Bucks, the East's sleeping giant (Yahoo)

There isn't too much more that can be said about this team in season previews. They've swapped some parts, but for the most part have stood pat when it come to roster turnover. Maybe continuity will be the best positive on Milwaukee's side, especially early in the season when other teams will still be figuring out their on-court chemistry.

Of course, there's always the looming worst-case scenario where the Jabari contract question marks remain a cloud around the team. Here's hoping resolution one way or another is in store!

Three questions the Milwaukee Bucks must answer this season (NBC Sports)

Wouldn't it be safe to assume there’s more than only three questions that need answering? I mean, this piece just deals with three BIG questions, but still, there seems like there'd be a large number of questions that need answering.

The big three in this case is the continual growth of Giannis Antetokounmpo, how last year's rookies move forward in their sophomore campaigns and whether that peskily bad defense sees even a semblance of improvement.

Six players competing for Bucks' 15th roster spot? (ESPN)

You already know their names: Gary Payton II, Joel Anthony (who is inexplicably part of the team now), Gerald Green, Kendall Marshall, Brandon Rush and James Young.

You probably also already have a favorite from that group who you'd like to see or believe will exit the preseason as part of the roster.

My pick? Gerald Green, but you certainly can't count out Joel Anthony who has apparently shown enough to the front office to garner a roster spot in training camp.

The comedic evolution of Giannis' Bucks Media Day jokes (OnMilwaukee)

Giannis Antetokounmpo probably won't be lighting up the local comedy club scene, but there's no doubt he's always come off as a bit of a jokester, especially at team media days.

This year was no different with a bevy of, let's be honest, lame and poorly presented jokes. But, hey, when Giannis gets to laughing at his own jokes, everyone seems to join right in. Isn't that the mark of a true comedian?

BMO Harris Bradley Center plans events, fundraiser for final season (Milwaukee Business Journal)

As the Bradley Center enters its swan song season, expect to see plenty of tributes, “Greatest Of” moments and special events being held at the building before it is demolished in 2018.

For a building originally designed for hockey, you couldn't ask more from what was essentially a gift to the city of Milwaukee from the Petit family. It is obviously past time the Bucks move into a building better suited for the modern NBA and all the amenities demanded thereof, but something tells me fans (and even players) may miss at least some aspects of the place the Bucks have called home for so long.

Finally, we've got something to go ahead and wager upon. Not in a monetary sense, but I can being throwing asinine and not-well-thought-out predictions at you now that the Bucks will be playing once more. We've got three tilts on the slate this week: Tonight @ Dallas, Wednesday v. Indiana, and Friday @ Chicago. Since it is preseason and nothing actually matters, I see the Bucks going 3-0 to make a statement to the league that, “We HAVE arrived”. Then they'll drop four of their first five in the regular season. This still is Bucks basketball, you know.

That's all I've got for you folks today. I successfully completed my first marathon yesterday and am in the intensive process of recuperation. Go out, enjoy your day, and remember to take plenty of ibuprofen if you need it. And, of course:

Happy Monday!