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Rapid Recap: Milwaukee 97, Cleveland 116

The Bucks fall despite another strong showing from Giannis

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers were able to comfortably beat the Milwaukee Bucks, 116-97. Despite it being their team opener, Milwaukee were never able to get much momentum against the reigning Eastern Conference champs, as they trailed 55-49 at halftime. That disadvantage came despite Giannis putting up 13 points and Brogdon playing a competent sidekick.

Unfortunately this puts a small damper on the goodwill engendered over the past few days with Milwaukee’s dynamite performance against the Celtics, but the Cavaliers are still the class of the East, a fact illustrated plainly by the outcome here. Giannis has arrived, but Milwaukee clearly hasn’t quite yet. They will have a chance to make amends tomorrow night against the Blazers though.

Giannis, for his part, still showed out tonight with 34 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 steals on 15-22 shooting. Not too shabby a follow-up to his fabulous performance against Boston.

Ungortunately, he didn’t have much help tonight, as Malcolm Brogdon posted 16 points but Khris Middleton was held to just 8 points on the night. Without their second and third fiddles stepping up, no chance Milwaukee can beat the best team in the East.

Cleveland was obviously led by Lebron James with 24 points as Kevin Love chipped in 17 to help take down Milwaukee tonight. Kyle Korver splashed home 5-6 from deep too to hit home another 17 for the Cavs, giving them the bench help that Milwaukee lacked.

Stat that Stood Out

Milwaukee far outstripped the Cavaliers in terms of 3-point attempts tonight (35-26) but converted just 31.4% of those (11). The number of attempts is heartening, particularly against a 3-happy Cavalier team from last year, but when they manage to hit the exact same amount on nine less attempts, thats a recipe for a loss if I ever saw one.