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Wisconsin Herd Postgame Interview with Sterling Brown

I got the chance for a quick one on one with Sterling after his second game (and second win) with the Herd.

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Sterling Brown continued his dominant play in his second game in just two nights while on assignment with the Wisconsin Herd, the G-League affiliate of the Milwaukee Bucks. In 32 minutes of play on Saturday against the Maine Red Claws, he finished with 26 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 4 steals, and 1 block. For reference, he also played 32 minutes on Friday versus the Windy City Bulls, finishing with 25 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, and 2 steals.

Sterling looked incredible on the court. He played hard on defense, fighting for rebounds, and interrupting the Red Claws offense. On offense, he was almost always the first player down the court in transition, which paid off with multiple fastbreak dunks. He was even more aggressive in his second game, and still impressed despite a decline in shooting percentage from last game. He shot 8-19 from the field but came up empty from three, shooting 0-4.

In comparison with the other players on the G-League court, Sterling Brown simply looks better. His assignment to the Herd presumably improved Brown’s confidence, and gave him the opportunity to play big minutes, something he hasn’t (and probably won’t) get a chance to do in the near future with the Bucks. Getting the opportunity to watch Brown the past two nights has definitely made me even more excited to have him in Milwaukee. I got a chance to speak with him one-on-one after the Maine game:

One on One with Sterling Brown

Brew Hoop: It was your second game out there tonight [Saturday] with the Herd. Did you feel any more comfortable tonight, compared to last night?

Sterling Brown: I felt pretty good in both of them. I felt like my energy was a lot higher this game, despite coming off a back to back. I just try to go out there and play hard, play aggressive, and get the win.

BH: There were a lot of plays you really pushed the offense in transition. You had a handful of fastbreak dunks, including a touchdown pass off. Having only been with the team for two games, how are you able to make those connections?

SB: I mean, I knew some of them coming in. I played with some of them coming in; training camp with the Bucks, you know, different places. But we all got the same mindset, we all got the same goal. That’s to go out there and win, be aggressive on both ends. I felt like we gelled pretty well these past two days.

BH: Do you have a preferred way of scoring? You drove a lot this game. Do you feel more comfortable one way or the other, with your jumper or driving in the lane?

SB: No, I try to score anyway I can. If it’s my choice though, I try to get to the basket and get an easy bucket. I missed a lot of them today though. I missed probably four or five layups. But you know, I just read what the defense gives me. Sometimes, if I’m pushing the issue and I gotta force the issue, I’m gonna get to the basket.

BH: With the lack of a crowd tonight, I was able to hear you guys a lot better. I noticed just how much you talked on the court. Is that something you’ve always done as a player?

SB: Actually, I definitely worked on that and got better the last couple years. You know, I was forced into the position at SMU as a senior, had a young team. It’s big on this level. Communication is gonna help win a lot of games, especially the stretch when they’re tight and when they’re close. We gotta be able to talk to each other. I’ve definitely got better at it though.

Check out some of the highlights of Sterling’s two Herd games, featuring his impressive drives and finishes in transition.

Sterling Brown came into the season with somewhat heightened expectations; despite his second-rounder status, he had more hype than most players taken after pick 30, and Milwaukee’s recent success with Malcolm Brogdon likely colored fans’ expectations. All players develop differently, and his G-League assignment may have been the best way for Brown to get playing time and develop as a professional.