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Brew Hoop Happy Hour

Are you tired of basketball? Of course you’re not, but you also have other interests. Brew Hoop Happy Hour has what you need!

Welcome to Brew Hoop Happy Hour, where we ask that everybody pull up a stool and order the special on tap. Today, we take a quick break from Milwaukee Bucks coverage to talk about something non-basketball. The topic of choice is movies! Let’s go!

What’s your favorite (and least favorite) movie genre?

Greg: My favorite genre is just scrolling through the “Independent” section on Netflix. There are a lot of stinkers for independent movies out there, but when one hits, man does it hit. As far as least favorite genre, I will never get amped up to see the superhero movies and other summer blockbusters. They are all bad-to-below average, except for Dark Knight.

Rachael: My favorite genre is a tie between thriller and horror... or anything involving Liam Neeson. I like being scared! My least favorite movie genre is probably romantic comedy. Cheesy romance movies get two thumbs down from me. Does that make me sound lonely and bitter? LOL.

Mitchell: I can’t pick a genre, or won’t pick, whatever. I like individual movies that are good at what they do. Inception was really great. Training Day was fantastic. I loved The LEGO Movie! I will stay far, far away from horror movies, though. I’d rather watch Love, Actually on loop forever than have to deal with my fears and phobias.

Kyle: I’d have to say action movies, and especially the James Bond series, would be my favorite even the bad ones are at least entertaining. My least favorite has to be horror movies; I feel like none of them are actually scary, they are just gory. The last scary movie I enjoyed was The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Corey: I don’t have a favorite genre. If it tells a good story with captivating characters, you’ve sold me. ‘Arrival’ is my favorite movie on the planet right now in part because it’s a sci-fi movie that has very little to do with sci-fi. Least favorite is the superhero genre. Here’s a game to play... whenever a new superhero flick comes out (such as this weekend!), see how long it takes for some supporting actor in said film to want his or her own movie about their character in a few years.

In your opinion, which movie is vastly overrated (and underrated)?

Greg: 95 percent of Cohen Brothers movie are overrated. The Big Lebowski? I get it, the rug tied the room together, dude. O Brother Where Art Thou? More like, oh brother, where’s the exit? Raising Arizona and Fargo are legit though - game recognize game. The most underrated movie of all-time is The Mummy starring Brendan Fraser and I won’t hear anything to the contrary (You’ve Got Mail starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is a close second though, GOAT rom-com).

Rachael: I’d say the most vastly overrated movie series of all time is the Twilight series. I know that fandom has died, and it was mainly comprised of teenage girls, but those movies were so beyond awful. As for an underrated movie, I’d probably lean towards Into the Wild. Emile Hirsch was brilliant, and Eddie Vedder composed one of the best original soundtracks ever for that movie.

Mitchell: My co-workers realized how out of touch I was with pop culture, so they’ve taken it upon themselves to introduce me to movies that I’m supposed to have seen already. Hot Fuzz was hot garbage, and National Treasure was terrible in the best possible way.

Kyle: I always thought Avatar was super overrated when it first came out, like yes it is visually a great movie but that’s it. The acting was pretty bland which is shocking considering the cast. Then again, this was a James Cameron movie who also had Titanic which is also overrated. For an underrated movie, I think the first two Rush Hour movies were pretty good and it’s aged really well in the past decade.

Corey: To go along with my previous answer, ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ is just interminable to me. I get it, Chris Pratt is charming and goofy and everyone loves him! Bradley Cooper is a wise-ass racoon! Vin Diesel is a tree! The soundtrack! Jesus, take the wheel. Enough already. Underrated... does ‘Clue’ count here? I still feel like ‘Clue’ never gets its due.

Which R-rated movie was your first?

Greg: Under Siege 2 (1995) starring Steven Seagal. My dad was pretty loose with what I could watch as a kid and I believe I was six years old (1998/99) upon viewing. Quick plot summary is that Seagal, a retired Navy SEAL, is on a hijacked train (of course) while on vacation with his daughter (Katherine Heigl) in the Rocky Mountains. I didn’t see the first Under Siege installment, but it turns out that it really wasn’t that detrimental to keeping up with the story line.

Rachael: I have no idea. It was most likely some 1990’s horror movie, like Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer. Regardless, it was something I wasn’t supposed to be watching. Sorry, mom.

Mitchell: The original Terminator. I was way, way, way, WAY too young for that movie.

Kyle: Lethal Weapon. Opposite of Danny Glover, I’m too young for that s***.

Corey: ‘Scream’. Watched it at a church lock-in, so that provides a decent glimpse into my adult self.

Which Disney movie (animated or live action) is the best?

Greg: The Mighty Ducks trilogy is the personal benchmark for which all movies I see are judged against. The ultimate underdog story mixed with that extremely 90s Disney vibe that my fellow Millennials and I can’t get enough of makes it an easy choice. The second installment forever warped my thoughts about how Iceland is viewed geopolitically and in sports. They are not the bad guys nor are they good at anything except soccer.

Rachael: The right and correct answer is The Lion King, followed closely by Pocahontas.

Mitchell: Pixar and Disney are not the same thing, right? If they’re not, then Mulan. Mulan kicked ass. The Lion King was pretty dope, too.

Kyle: The Lion King is the best animated and overall Disney movie and the Jungle Book is the best live action movie...until The Lion King live action movie comes out.

Corey: ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Aladdin’ are neck-and-neck for me. I am terrified for their live action versions even if ‘The Jungle Book’ was good (have not seen ‘Beauty And The Beast’ yet). I vividly remember seeing the opening scene of ‘The Lion King’ in the theater and my jaw crashing to the ground as a youngin’. I’m going to have wide-awake nightmares about the live action one for the next two years. Hockey assist to ‘Miracle’ in this discussion.

Feel free to answer the same questions, or ask your own, in the comments! The SB Nation Community Guidelines still apply, even if basketball isn't the topic at hand. Have at it!