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Brew Hoop Site Announcement - December 19, 2017

Your favorite (we hope) Milwaukee Bucks blog adds two talented members to its staff.

NBA: USA TODAY Sports-Archive Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Bucks have a ton of potential, but also a ton of room for growth. Here at Brew Hoop, we see ourselves in the same light, and are happy to announce that our staff is growing by two, effective today. Without further ado, meet Dean and Kris!

Kris Burke (@KrisBurke)

Greetings, everyone! I’m a Wisconsin boy, born and raised, and have spent the last eight years writing about the Green Bay Packers; I currently write for SB Nation’s Packers blog, Acme Packing Company.

As someone who grew up in Oshkosh, I cannot fully express how excited I was that the Bucks picked my hometown as the home of their G-League team. I have been a lifelong Bucks fan and I could not be more fired up for their future.

Give me a follow on Twitter to say hi. I look forward to engaging with all of you in the months ahead!

Dean Maniatt (@AllTheBucks)

Greetings, dear Bucks’ enthusiasts.

I work as a cultural consultant and linguistic editor for various embassies, mostly in the EU; I was born in Castleford, where my father, who was French, met my very British mother. My connection with the Bucks started when I was six years old and moved to Milwaukee, where I spent the next 6 years of my life. Presently, I’m hopping around from one European capital to the next.

I’ve been interacting with a significant portion of the fanbase through my Twitter account, and I’ve been seeking a way to expand the length and detail of my analyses about our favorite team’s endeavors on the court. Naturally, having the opportunity to contribute as a part of Brew Hoop’s array of excellent writers fills me with excitement, and I can’t wait for us to take a step-by-step approach to understanding a little bit better why and how the Bucks are winning or losing games.

We at Brew Hoop pride ourselves on being able to offer high quality content focusing on the Milwaukee Bucks and (more recently) the Wisconsin Herd. With these additions to our staff, we are excited to further drive the discussion and debate surrounding our favorite basketball team(s).

As always, we still want your feedback. If you have anything to say about the site, be sure to drop us a line at or on Twitter.