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Monday Morning Media Roundup: February 6th, 2017

He’s back!

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Happy February, everyone! We continue the unending march towards the All-Star Break, the Playoffs, and untold summer fun after the season. Before we soak up those sun rays, we’ve got dreary cold and snow, and of course, a NBA season to deal with. And yes, that season has been going rather poor as of late for the Milwaukee Bucks.

After having lost 10 of 11 heading into February, the team was able to put a stop to the losing ways by blowing out the Phoenix Suns, 137-112. It is just the sort of performance this weekly post needs as fuel to get some positive vibes going. This edition, we’ll discuss the eminent return of Khris Middleton, evaluate a trade from the other end of the deal, and so much more!

4 months after tearing hamstring off the bone, Khris Middleton's coming back (Yahoo Sports)

The news we’ve been eagerly awaiting since before the start of the regular season is finally upon us: Khris Middleton is set to return this Wednesday against the Miami Heat! His comeback had been rumored for a week or two, with the unknown being whether he’d play before or after the All-Star Break.

Well, he’s answered that emphatically, and some much needed help appears to be on the way. What his minutes restriction will be is still up in the air, and whether he goes right into the starting lineup has yet to be answered, but let’s all just take a moment to enjoy the vision of Middleton sinking threes once again. Great, isn’t it?

The Winners and Losers From the Plumlee-Hawes-Hibbert Deal (The Ringer)

One could say the Bucks truly kicked off the NBA trade season with about 17 days until the trade deadline. The Ringer goes so far, at least, and breaks down the perceived winners and losers from last week’s trade. Spoiler for you: The Bucks are declared a “Winner”. That should warm your heart at least a little bit, plus there’s quite a bit more of a breakdown as to who national media thinks came out losing.

Analyzing The Fit Of Miles Plumlee On The Charlotte Hornets (At the Hive)

Our sister-site At the Hive has all the coverage you could ever need to get your Charlotte Hornets fill. Here, they theorize about how Miles Plumlee, of former-Milwaukee Buck fame, can potentially work within head coach Steve Clifford’s system. They rationalize it working out on offense, defense, and in the world of cap finances, and looking at their rationale may point to some clues as to where new Bucks Roy Hibbert and Spencer Hawes work in Milwaukee.

Giannis helps Bucks boost midseason attendance, TV ratings (Milwaukee Business Journal)

As always, we’ve got good news in from the realm of viewership for the Bucks, both in-person and through FOX Sports Wisconsin. According to ESPN, attendance at the BMO Harris Bradley Center is up 2.9% on the season, and household numbers for FOX have increased roughly 10%. You can take a deeper look at the raw numbers within, but the jist of the news is a notable increase in local interest in the Bucks. Never a bad thing, I’d say.

Giannis Blossoms Into Playmaking All-Star for Bucks (ABC News)

He continues to get all the adoration you could hope for nationally and locally, but Giannis Antetokounmpo is starting to make a big enough name to work his way towards national broadcaster levels of stardom. This article gives a pretty basic summary of Giannis for a casual or non-fan who may only tangentially know of him, and serves as a good reminder that Giannis’s impact increasingly extends far beyond the world of the NBA.

And that’s all we’ve got this week. As the All-Star Break nears, expect quite a bit more in the way of national coverage of the two guys slated to go for Milwaukee (Giannis and Malcolm Brogdon). We’re in the doldrums known as January and February in the NBA, so sit back, relax, and enjoy some more Bucks basketball, folks.

Happy Monday!